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10 Nordic steps for post-pandemic growth

Follow the journey and unleash your profit generating growth today.

What do Nordic unicorns like Spotify, Klarna, Oatly, Skype, Zendesk, Rovio and Supercell have in common?

Yes, they all are manifestations of the “Nordic model, which combines market capitalism with a comprehensive welfare state that provides its citizens with free education, healthcare, and social security. This model is also the foundation for the strong Nordic innovation ecosystem. Free public education and strong social security lowers the fear of failure and nurtures a culture wherein trial and error are seen as beneficial, rather than a risk to be avoided. 90% of Nordic university students find it culturally accepted to become entrepreneurs.”


Building Nordic-like happiest nations that operate in the perfect balance between market capitalism and welfare-state to copy yourself the Nordic model and the Nordic innovation ecosystem - not so easy.

But we have some good news for you.


Behind the model, behind the ecosystem lies a set of values. These values any individual or an organization can implement to their growth marketing strategy to give it the unfair Nordic advantage.

So without further ado, we’ve collected the 10 Nordic steps for post-pandemic growth. Or in other terms: How to combine agile growth marketing tactics with Nordic values to win the modern customer?


These 10 steps will guide your business journey from discovering your unique strengths into building an unbreakable flywheel - with activities you will start seeing results right away, but which also evolve into a lifetime of sustainable growth.


You get to watch a 10 episode video series with real life Nordic growth examples that will inspire and elevate your business. Plus you also get a workbook that you can use to build each step into your own superpower - with your team, agency or even solo.


All this: naturally 100% free.


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