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Norders Creative Agency

Website Design

The website is built on WIX Editor X, which is a flexible platform for creating unique site experiences for any screen imaginable. It allows for the creation of advanced responsive layouts without necessarily having to use custom code.


We succeeded especially in mapping the customer journey and communicating the core message through images and written content. This simple website stands out with its visuals and simplicity.

Blue Tech


Bluetech Finland Ltd is a specialist in cruise, ro-pax and cargo ship design, offering engineering services for ship owners, shipyards and marine suppliers.


Blue Tech Finland Ltd.

What we did

Editor X Website Design

Brand Identity & Digital Presence


Blue Tech's brand goal was to reflect premium service, reliability, and long experience in the ship-manufacturing business field. Norders created a new, scalable website with an updated, more modern look and feel to stand out from the competition.

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