Brand identity

Brand identity

Brand identity is your visual north star for your brand to stay consistent across every digital and physical touch point. Brand identity includes brand elements such as logo, typography, colors and photography style to help your team and other partners to make sure your brand stands out and keeps delivering.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is usually delivered in a form of a handbook or a digital presentation, where your carefully designed and chosen brand elements are collected into this single document to allow anyone to quickly and systematically know how to communicate with your brand.

Brand identity includes your logo in its different forms, typography so the fonts, colors to be used in different channels and situations as well as photography styles.

Brand identity can also include tone-of-voice, brand personality, and other important factors that your brand needs to take into consideration when delivering your brand promise.


How brand identity is done?

With Norders our experienced and creative brand design team is always carefully chosen to match your industry, market, and objective specific needs.

The team usually consists of at least a creative strategist and a graphic designer.

The identity is born through a series of discovery workshops and digitally delivered brand elements, which are then formed into the final identity based on the iteration rounds on the way.

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Why Norders for your brand identity?

Norders is an agile, business-focused, and to be honest, simply a fun team to have around to build your unique and time-lasting brand identity.

Together we have decades of creative experience through different international markets and across various brand styles. 

With Norderds you can be sure, that the brand identity you get is fit for the future and will leave a WOU effect wherever seen.

How to get started with your brand identity?

That you don't need to worry anymore. Just contact us, and we will guide you or your core team through our detailed brand identity process to ensure you get a new brand that you can be more than proud of.















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