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About Norders

Nordic creative community, academy and agency to empower sustainable growth and positive impact by leveraging Nordic core strengths and values.

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Norders Family

Some of us are experienced, some of us are misfits, some of us are educated, some of us are nomads. But we’re all passionate, creative, kind and hard-working strong individuals. Together we are a strong diverse team that work together for a cause bigger than any of us alone.

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Why Norders?

Join us to shape the future of impactful marketing

We are a family of  creative and entrepreneurial-minded doers helping customers figure out their why, deliver it most efficiently and scale through the best Nordic growth practices. Creating the future North Stars, with kickass marketing.

Even though we are the new kid on the block we are growing fast and looking for young and eager talent to join the family. Norders is not just another corporate job, but also a platform for you to develop both your skills and your network across the whole New Nordic region. We offer the modern nomad workplace where you are in charge. 

The Norders Family

Our diverse and knowledgable team is here for you. We are the home to many leading doers ranging from the founders and serial-entrepreneurs Ronny Eriksson and Joonas Kylliäinen to world-class advisors such as super entrepreneur Peter Vesterbacka.

"Norders is more than just an agency. It's the youth-led wave of change disrupting the marketing field. It's time to build our finest future, learning by doing. Together. We are Norders, you should be one too" - Peter Vesterbacka

Diverse Portfolio

With more than 200 customers both local and global with us, you get to work with companies ranging from startups to large enterprises. Everyone is hungry for growth, so whether you love sports or tech, there are opportunities in all the fields of business.

"If you grow, we grow"

Norders is a growth platform. Our novel flywheel consisting of three parts: Agency, Community and Academy allows you to develop constantly. So are the home to more then 500 community members who together with us seek to find the best growth practices and individuals to support each other the become North Stars.