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No need to hire in-house marketing teams or juggle between agencies and freelancers anymore.

Use one-stop-shop Norders Coins for systematic, data-driven, and agile full-stack marketing with the creative team tailored for your wants and needs and always on the budget.

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Stop wasting money and time on marketing planning and random activities that lack the process, team effort and data-driven dedication it takes to make your marketing work for you.

Book a meeting with a Norders creative and start your journey for growth today.

Rising Star

For brands getting started with systematic marketing

Example plan for months 1-3

⚡ Marketing Strategy

⚡ Visual KPI's & Dashboards

⚡ Website

⚡ Social media setup

Example plan for months 4-6

⚡Monthly social media management

⚡ Two monthly SEO blogs

* does not include media budget


North Star


For brands who want or already dominate their category

Example plan for months 1-3

⚡ Marketing Strategy

​⚡ Visual KPI's & Dashboards

⚡ Website

⚡ Social media setup

⚡ Brand identity

⚡ Brand and team photoshoot

⚡ Customer and employee videos

⚡ Copywriting

⚡ Pitch or presentation deck

Example plan for months 4-6

⚡ Monthly social media management

⚡ Two monthly SEO blogs

⚡ Monthly media release and relations

⚡ Monthly Google Ads management

⚡ Email and LinkedIn outreach campaigns

⚡ Social media advertising

* includes 2000€ media budget/month

Working Star


For brands taking the next serious steps towards real growth

Example plan for months 1-3

⚡ Marketing Strategy

⚡ Visual KPI's & Dashboards

⚡ Website

⚡ Social media setup

⚡ Brand identity

⚡ Brand and team photoshoot

Example plan for months 4-6

⚡ Monthly social media management

⚡ Two monthly SEO blogs

⚡ Monthly media release and relations

⚡ Monthly Google Ads management

* includes 1000€ media budget/month

Choose the Coins to Match Your Ambitions

Why Marketing as a Service?

Risk-free and cost effective

No need to hire in-house marketing personnel or even a team. With Norders Coins you get a flexible team with always the right talent in place for every situation.

Transparent pricing & KPI's

Keep your marketing budget in control. Our pricing is transparent.

Experienced & flexible team

We pick the best team for your individual project from our extensive creative professional network.  

Data-driven process

Continuous and consistent marketing allows us to test and iterate different campaigns and optimize using gathered data.

What are Norders Coins?

Norders Coins is a marketing-as-a-service model, where with a recurring monthly investment you get a tailored marketing strategy and constantly evolving experienced creative team to systematically execute and iterate your marketing plan against your objectives.

Norders Coins are your answer to systematic, data-driven marketing to meet your ambitious business goals.

How Do Coins Work?

1. Norders Creative strategist team builds your brand a 12-month marketing strategy against your business objectives

2. Once a month you'll have a 90-minute workshop with your dedicated creative strategist and success manager to schedule and plan the scheduled activities and select the best creative team for your coming needs to make sure your KPIs are met.

3. One a week you'll have a 45-minute meeting with your dedicated success manager and the team of freelancers who work on your ongoing activities

4. You'll receive one monthly invoice based on the chosen Coins package.

5. You can change the Coins package as often as you need or you can reserve Coins to be used later on in the coming months too.

How to Use Your Coins?

In the 1st step of building a detailed marketing strategy for your brand, we will together make a roadmap for activities, channels, content, and events that will then "use" your Coins.

Calculating Coins is simple since we don't count hours but activities.​

Different activities have transparent pricing and clear contents with predictable time frames and data-driven tracking.

We'll have a shared Asana project management calendar, active Slack channel, and weekly meetings to ensure we're always on track and getting closer to your goals Coin by Coin.

​Every activity will have a carefully chosen dedicated Norders-proven freelancer who is an expert in the activity in question.

Your Tailored Special Team

Your unique marketing strategy requires a unique team of creatives for its execution.

That's why at Norders we have a growing and today a team of already over 100 experienced creative entrepreneurs who cover any marketing and communications need in an agile and customer-centric manner.

Join the Norders

With us, you'll be in great hands. We have had the honor to serve over 100 local and global brands that are all out there for sustainable growth.

Check out our portfolio and see our diverse work.

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