Creative consulting

Creative consulting

What is creative consulting? Creative consulting is where we help your brand and team unlock the hidden gems that your business possesses.


Our creative consulting service is tailored for each brand's unique situation.


It usually includes defining your purpose, vision, mission, values, idea customer personas and value proposition work to help your brand win the races of tomorrow.

Why creative consulting?

We often get too familiar and close with our business and brand. Or then our core strengths are not in creative business modeling.

This is when a diverse and experienced creative team is good to have by your side.

Norders sure has exactly that team with proven results from various markets and industries to help your brand to build a long-lasting creative business model.

Creative consulting

How does creative consulting work?

It's a two-phase process. First, our creative consulting team, handpicked for your unique brand, gets to know your business, customers, and goals inside-out. This is done through usually through two 2-hour workshops where we follow our detailed script to dig out all the good stuff that you brand has to offer.

Then next we present our creative business model presentation to your core team, after which we work on it to make your entire team as proud of it is as possible.

What do I get from creative consulting?

First and foremost you'll receive a clear, unique, and easy to navigate creative handbook, that will help your brand and all of your internal and external partners to communicate in a consistent and appealing way.


To support this, you'll deliver an easy to store and share document digitally with all of the information nicely stacked for any kind of us.

Creative consulting
Creative consulting

Is creative consulting worth it?

No, if you think that a few consulting sessions and a pretty digital creative handbook will automate your way to riches.


Yes, if you're serious about growth and willing to put into the work and can also handle some risks. Then utilizing an external creative team to help you clarify your creative business model from brand purpose to how you package and communicate your products and services is the single most important task to execute before getting into the action.















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