Creative Entrepreneurs

Creative Entrepreneurs

Some say Freelancers, we say Creative Entrepreneurs. Don't do it alone and become the future of work. Join the ambitious Norders gang of New-Nordic spirited creative entrepreneurs and get matched with exciting marketing work to match your skills and experience.

Why should I work with Norders?

Norders is a New-Nordic marketing agency of entrepreneurs for startups looking to grow. Some of us are experienced, some of us are misfits, some of us are educated, some of us are nomads. But we’re all passionate, creative, kind, and hard-working strong individuals. Together we are a strong diverse team that works together for a cause bigger than any of us alone.

Norders was born fast, entrepreneurial, digital, ambitious and always looking for that extra edge. Norders was born a startup. Now Norders has grown into a full-stack creative partner for other startups across the globe looking for that agile like-minded partner for holistic, systematic and data-driven marketing.

The Norders way is simple: we amplify the best of the Nordic way of doing - innovation, trust, openness, sustainability, compassion and trust into a lean marketing machine for smart execution today, and for success tomorrow.

What is a Norder Creative Entrepreneur?

Being a Nordic Creative Entrepreneur means your profile can be found in our freelancer pool, and we will match you with potential relevant marketing gigs that match your skills, expertise and preference.


You get to decide if the gig is for you, and thus you are the master of your own income, time and clientele.


When you work with Norders, you never work alone 💚


Join us now and become the future of work.

Creative Entrepreneurs















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