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Norders tiimi studiolla

Mission to be the most profitable B2B sales and marketing agency in the Nordics.

Demand Gen as our weapon - to combine strategy, sales and marketing as a one creative engine led by data and technology

Norders vision

We believe in B2B business, where every company can scale its business to sustainable growth through Demand Gen. By combining strategy, sales and marketing.

We believe that growth transformation does not require years of work or massive investments. Any business can achieve the benefits of Demand Gen with just small changes in strategy, technology and everyday practices.

At Norders, we want to be a productive and reliable partner for Nordic B2B companies, large and small, to realise the benefits of the Demand Gen revolution.

Our vision is to enable every Nordic B2B company to achieve profitable scalable growth and market leadership in their chosen target group.

For this we are building the most passionate, knowledgeable and above all the most effective and reliable Nordic sales and marketing team: Norders.

Our values are simple: efficiency and reliability


Norders in numbers


of target groups are reached through multi-channel campaigns.


of target groups convert into quality deals in the pipeline

>1M €

New pipeline created every month

Nordersin alku

Norders Story

Norders was born in the spring of 2017 in Helsinki. Joonas Kylliäinen, a B2B sales professional, video and photography designer Johannes Terhemaa and digital marketer Julia Kylliäinen created a new service: a digital end-to-end solution for sales development with digital channels and quality content.


The focus on the Finnish B2B SME sector has been in place since the beginning. Norders itself faced a fragmentation of its own activities in the years of rapid growth that followed. Both, in terms of the services, and its own sales and marketing.


The business fragmented almost to the point of closure at the beginning of 2022 when Strategy Services, Sales Services and Creative Services had evolved into their own fully independent businesses - with their own metrics, systems and core competencies.


In the autumn of 2022, the company's operational management, together with the Board of Directors, began to build Norders' united frontier around the Demand Gen. Also Called Demand Generation, a philosophy that has enjoyed great success in Silicon Valley.


After quickly refining a common vision, locking in shared goals and aligning the service portfolio accordingly, Norders' and its clients' success experienced a multi-fold rapid growth. The mission to be the first Demand Gen agency in the Nordic countries was confirmed.


Join Norders in the Demand Gen revolution, and together let's make our companies, and the region as a whole, an example of B2B business growth to the world.

Sonja Häyhä and Julia Kylliäinen from Norders


Fight the big battles


Always give 110%


Follow your passion


Teamwork is a dream work


Growth is the only way


Kindness above all else


Keep your promise


Act now


Love conquers all


Norders team
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