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Sell more and create market leadership with modern websites

The importance of websites in modern sales and marketing

How does your company enable a seamless and value-driven digital buying journey for both current and future customers? As businesses, we cannot rely solely on external channels like social media to build our digital buying journey due to the changing algorithms and trends.

With representative and modern websites, we maintain control over the digital customer experience. Websites are often the most meaningful digital touchpoint with customers. They not only represent your company but also serve as an effective and measurable sales channel. With modern and attractive websites, you can reach a new audience, convert your existing audience, and strengthen your brand.


75% of B2B buyers prefer a vendor-free purchase process (Gartner)

80% of the B2B purchase path by 2025 will take place in digital channels (Gartner)

Norders is an experienced full-service partner building websites that increase sales with Wordpress and Wix technologies

Mobile-optimized websites

Norders is a partner for impressive and effective websites

Norders is your partner in creating successful and impressive websites - and developing their traffic and conversion. We offer design, implementation and continuous development of modern websites that not only represent your business but also increase your sales.


Our experienced team is involved in all phases of the project, from design and technical roadmap to sales pipeline planning, content production, visual appearance and website development and integrations. We also offer website analytics and continuous optimization.


After the website project, Norders also offers Google optimization and advertising, as well as social media management to support scalable sales through the website.

Norders + Wix Studio = the most effective B2B site

Wix Studio is the latest Wix website technology design and management tool for fully responsive and globally fast websites. By choosing Norders' Wix Studio team, you get a fast, easy and cost-effective implementation of a website project. With the help of Wix Studio technology, the project progresses rapidly, offering full design freedom, flexible integrations and ease of updates.


The main advantage of Wix as a website technology is that design and construction take place together, i.e. the design and development of the pages takes place at the same time, thus saving time and money at all stages of the process - even after publication. Maintenance and further development of the WIx Studio site can be done well with your own team or through Norders.

Norders - Partner for Effective Websites
Norders WordPress Development and Wix Websites

Norders + Wordpress = customized excellence

WordPress is the world's most popular website platform, and Norders adds its own sales-oriented perspective to it. By choosing Norders for your WordPress project, you get a fully customizable and technically advanced website service. Every detail, whether it's design, features, technical maintenance, security, search engine optimization, or integrations, is carefully planned and implemented in our hands.

We use Figma in the design process, allowing for an uncompromisingly precise and modern end result that perfectly aligns with your company's needs. Additionally, WordPress provides a user-friendly admin panel, enabling continuous development and updates either on your own or with our team.

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Schedule a risk-free website consultation with our experienced expert here

At Norders, we have built dozens of websites with different features for different industries and different types of companies. We are happy to share our experience, lessons and ideas completely risk-free. Let's start chatting to see if we can be of help.

Katso työt

Construction and approval of the website layout and proposal.

If we feel that we could be good partners in the development of your company's website, we will provide a detailed proposal or offer tailored to the needs of your website and business. The proposal will be refined together into its final acceptable form.

Katso työt

Project kickoff

If we have the honor to initiate a website partnership, the project will commence with a joint 90-minute kickoff meeting, involving all relevant individuals for the project. The kickoff will be led by Norders with a concise and clear kickoff agenda.

Katso työt

Guided website project

The detailed schedule, intermediate goals and activities at Kickoff are monitored in the digital Asana project management view and communication channel. The progress of the project is reviewed in more detail in the weekly meetings.

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Website launch

When both parties think the site is suitable for publication, the publication of the site is carried out in a controlled manner and user training is carried out for the selected persons. The website can be published as needed to Norders' or your own management environment.

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Continuous development

However, the publication of the website is just the beginning. Norders offers the site full support for site management, development, web analytics and continuous reporting according to the company's goals.

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Norders website client: BlueTech Finland

Bluetech Finland

Wix Studio websites

Norders web design client Suojellaan Lapsia

Protect Children

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Wix Studio website

Wix Studio - verkkosivut
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Wordpress website

Wordpress web development

Tomi Haapala



Julia Kylliäinen

UI/UX & development

Emin Neziri

UI/UX & development

Nordersin Strategist Tomi Haapala
Norders UI/UX Designer, Julia Kylliäinen
 Norders UI/UX Designer Emin Neziri


Why choose Norders for podcasts?

The purpose of podcasts, as part of the sales and marketing strategy, is to create predictable and scalable revenue growth for the company.

Norders understands the entire life cycle of effective podcasts, from agile planning to multi-channel editing and efficient digital distribution. We are well-versed in the production and editing of modern podcast formats, as well as the most popular podcast platforms from Spotify to YouTube.

Our agile operating model ensures that you don't overpay for podcast production, and our precise, results-oriented reporting ensures that the success of the podcast is measured with the right metrics.

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