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Fun Academy has an application that suggests different activities to do with children. The activities include domains like math, language & communication, science, music, arts & crafts and physical exercise. These school subjects are connected with learning life skills such as decision-making, communication and negotiation, responsibility, media literacy, thinking and learning skills, social emotional skills and care of self.


Fun Academy's program is based on a kindergarten teacher's manual used in Finland - with the activities now revised for the home environment to help parents with simple recommendations and instructions.


The key is that positive interaction between the parent and child supports brain development. A positive attitude toward play lays a foundation for not just a happy childhood but also gives a child a solid foundation for future learning.


Norders is happy to be a part of Fun Academy's journey in providing better tools for parents and teachers to make every day learning more fun and meaningful.


Norders created a website for Fun Academy and is responsible for paid ads strategy and implementation.

Fun Academy

Fun Academy and Suojellaan Lapsia ry and developed a story and activity booklet for children aged 4-9 to deal with worries and fears caused by the war in Ukraine and to restore safety.



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The booklet is suitable for a child to read alone or to study with an adult and the booklet is also suited as emotional skills material for a group of children in schools.


Norders created a landing page for the educational material where the booklet can be ordered.


The Kip crew booklet is both in Ukrainian and Finnish and is a common material for everyone, which makes the child feel welcome in the group.

Learn more about the booklet, and the story behind it, and order for yourself here:

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