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Choose the most pressing marketing activities your brand needs to execute.


Within seconds after clicking send you’ll get a non-binding risk-free offer straight to your inbox.


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After getting the magic quote you’re welcome to book a meeting with our sales director and go through the details and adjust the nuances to match your brand’s unique situation.

Norders Maketing Agency

Book a Video Meeting

Discovery call with Norders Sales Director Sonja Häyhä


Sonja is a bright creative strategist that understands how to combine brand goals with the right marketing specialists and technologies to build sustainable growth with the leanest possible resources.


Sonja’s principles of always delivering excellent customer service and wanting to understand everything about your brand will make sure, that she’s the perfect person to start taking your marketing to the next level.


In this free 30 minute call, together with Sonja, you’ll:

✔ Talk about your business objectives, opportunities and challenges

✔ Discuss if and how the Norders creative entrepreneur marketing model is right for your brand
✔ How and when to move forward with marketing execution partnership

Outsource with Norders Tokens

Get a transparent, flexible and fully manageable marketing service to execute your marketing and sales activities when they matter and always within your budget.

Fill out the Brief Form

Have you specified or otherwise already know in more detail what you need?


Then the brief form is the right tool for you to get a tailored and detailed offer delivered to your inbox within 24 hrs.


With the brief form you can share you presentations, decks, links and other relevant material with us and describe your need in your own words.


The offer you get after submitting the brief form does not cost you anything and doesn’t require you to take any action afterwards.

We do highly recommend booking a meeting with us at the end of it though, to ensure we can present your unique offer to you in a unique way - as your brand deserves.

Norders Maketing Agency

Norders Tokens FAQ

What are Norders Tokens?

Norders Tokens are monthly credits you get to allocate to your marketing and sales activities. Think of them as your flexible marketing plan. By purchasing monthly Norders Tokens, you are always in control of your budget, but you don’t need to spend your budget on campaigns, tools or any other activities before the right time. For example one month you might want to spend more Tokens on building landing pages or taking photographs. Then the next month we might want to plan and launch a LinkedIn ad campaign. You always have your dedicated Norders team of creative entrepreneurs on your side to help you plan and use your Tokens as intelligently as possible.

How long do Norders Tokens last?

Norders Tokens last for 3 months after their purchase to give you flexibility and freedom to use them when it counts. So you can stay on budget, but do the marketing and sales activities and campaigns that matter and when they matter.

How do Norders Tokens work?

1. Book a meeting with your local creative account entrepreneur 2. Choose the right Start for your business to automate growth, lock the budget and outsource your marketing to a global team of creative specialist entrepreneurs 3. Schedule a kickoff meeting with the core team which is a 4-hour-meeting with a nice lunch break to build a marketing plan for your brand that is based on your business objective 4. You’ll then schedule a monthly 90 min creative meeting and weekly 30 min pivot meetings for the next 3 months 5. At every monthly creative meeting, it’s decided together to which activities are the tokens allocated. 6. Based on the token allocation, your dedicated team of creative entrepreneurs is chosen 7. Your contract works on a quarterly basis with monthly invoicing where we invoice on the 1st of every month the package for that month.

Rising Star


20 Tokens

⚡Example monthly activities: social media posts and management for 3 channels and an automated lead gen campaign

⚡500 € allocated for the tools

North Star


60 Tokens

⚡Example monthly activities: social media posts and management for 3 channels, an automated lead gen campaign, two SEO focused blog articles, Google ads management, two videos and 20 photos per month

⚡500 € allocated for the tools

⚡2000 € allocated for the media budget

Working Star


40 Tokens

⚡Example monthly activities: social media posts and management for 3 channels, an automated lead gen campaign, two SEO focused blog articles and Google ads management

⚡500 € allocated for the tools

⚡1000 € allocated for the media budget

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