Online courses

Online courses

Design, production, platforms, and marketing for online courses and training.

Scale your sales, customer experience, onboarding, and impact by offering your content with versatile online courses and membership sites boosted by automated workflows and marketing activities.

Why Norders and online courses?

Whether you need a single online course to scale your current offering or need an entire course library for customer or employee onboarding - Norders online course team has you covered.

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Online courses

Good partner for the online course production

Our online training and course experts help you build your content into converting online experiences.

With our film crew, modern film equipment, and our own versatile studios your training and courses will stand out from the competition with superior quality.

And to really make an impact our digital marketing team will help you set up your courses on the leading online course platform, Kajabi, and launch your marketing across the relevant channels.

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Is Kajabi good for online courses?

So Norders Creative Agency is as the name implies; a marketing agency 😎 So we're not only passionate about creating pedagogic and high-quality courses and training tailored for the online audiences, but we're just as into utilizing the latest growth and marketing tactics to get your content to deliver value to as many people as possible.

1. Total control over your course structures
2. Multiple ways to manage payments and members
3. Next level marketing automation and reporting

Online courses
Kajabi Online Course

How to build an online course?

Planning your offering into an educational online experience that delivers value to you and your stakeholders can feel like a massive undertaking.

Do not worry though - the experienced and creative Norders team is here to help your business make an impact step-by-step.

It all starts with a quick 30 min call to get to know your business.















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