Norders Manifesto


The 10 Norders rules for life, work and the future.

1. Fight the big fights

This is what it starts with and this is what it comes down to.


If you’re reading this you’re extremely privileged.


You and I have a moral obligation to help those in most need. There’s just too much evil in this world. Too many people live in pain and fear too horrid to even imagine. Too much of our planet has been sacrificed. Too many people get away from exploiting and hurting others.


It’s time to combine our forces and really fight the big fights.


Let’s heal the world together starting now!

2. Always give 110%

Meaning always overdeliver.


This is hands down the most important advice for succeeding in life.


Never settle for good, always thrive for greatness. And be so great you can’t be ignored. This goes for client work, team work, your morning workout or being a partner.


We promise if you always give more than what you’re asked for, your wildest dream will come true.

3. Follow your passion

That’s why we’re here.


It’s our purpose to help each and every one of us find our passion, and then support each other in any way possible to make it into reality.


We’ve got the tools, tactics, and network to reveal and chase massive passions.


But one thing is certain: it’s the journey, not the destination where meaning is found.

4. Teamwork is dream work

We’re all individuals. We can’t help but sometimes or even often feel like the world moves around us. And that’s totally cool. That’s normal.


We need to acknowledge that we’re all strong independent people with our personal hopes and fears.


With that knowledge, we are better equipped to work together to support our individual dreams while using our team power to achieve greater things than any of us could’ve ever even imagined alone.


Together we are strongest. Together we can do the impossible.

5. Be honest and transparent

You don’t need to know everything. Heck, you don’t even need to know that much.


But just be straight about it.


The sooner you can give people around you a heads up that this is what we’re planning, this is an idea we had, here’s a problem that might occur, here’s what will be needed - the better.


There’s no room for lying or unnecessary secrets. We all are what we do, so just own it.


That’s what is expected from you. And you’re also expected to hold other people accountable for being honest and transparent as well.


We’re in this together. If things go well, we’re all newbies forever, so let’s stay openly curious.

6. Growth is the only way

It used to be that if you wanted to exceed and win big then there was a thing called growth to help you out.


Well, as the world keeps evolving and the nature of things keeps changing, in today’s and especially in tomorrow’s world to grow is just to stay in the game.


This is simply because global speed and competition are way more than anyone of us with a fixed mindset could ever handle.


So we need to grow holistically - professionally, personally, mentally, sustainably, and together.


We stand for setting the stage for strategic growth to manifest the storm out of this entire manifesto.

7. Kindness triumph

Don’t get us wrong - we’re here to battle hard.


We put our game faces on and take no crap from no one.


But we do it all with kindness and hearts as big as the sun.


Never be mean, never judge and always elevate.


Give hugs, show your support, listen, be curious, and let’s say it one more time: always elevate.


We have zero-tolerance for evil, but for everything else, we open our hearts.

8. Keep your promises

This one is really simple.


Just do what you said you’ll do.


If people can’t trust you, they can’t work with you.


Pro-tip: keep some aces in your sleeve, so promise maybe a bit less than you plan to deliver so you get those easy points from then always overdelivering on your promises.

9. Act now

“Do it now, do it right fucking now” - Chip Wilson


Life’s way too short to think about it. Just act now. If you’re serious then deliver it now. Face the fear, fail fast, learn some and go harder the next round.


You know what? Everyone has super-amazing ideas. Everyone has that million-dollar plan. Those who can systematically execute see the great successes in life.


We’re here for acting now. No barriers. No excuses. And no room for explanations why to wait.

10. Love conquers all

At the end of the day, love is all there is.


To give and get love is everything.


To love ourselves, to love our families, to love our team, and to really love everyone.


Love is not only the way for a happy life, but a loving person is also more creative, more ready for challenges, and more likely to achieve the things she’s after.


Let’s forever stay grateful.


Let’s be grateful in moments when we feel the stress glooming over and when the adversity seems like all there is.


And let’s send the universe nothing but love from the moment we wake up to the last grain of thought before the evening turns into a night. 















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