Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is the North Star of your brand.

It is built on your vision, mission, values as well as on short-term business objectives and resources. Marketing strategy is all about understanding your goals, customers, and value proposition and then setting the team, systems, activities, and tracking in place.

Norders is here to create detailed marketing strategies for startups looking to grow in or from the New-Nordic region.

Marketing plan for startup

The overarching creative element of the marketing strategy is the activity schedule or the marketing plan. The plan consists of goals, actions, KPI's, responsibilities, channels, and a timeline for the marketing strategy to be executed.

Norders comes with a diverse team of experienced creative entrepreneurs from various markets and industries. We understand what it takes to build a systematic growth machine regardless of whatever the resources or the objectives might be.

Marketing strategy

Value proposition and copywriting

You may have your product or service nailed down, but still, often there's a gap between a great product or service and how it can and should be communicated effectively to the ideal customer.

Our airtight discovery process uncovers all the aspects of your product and service, what gains it provides and what problems it solves. In other words, we make your value proposition shine.

Then we write the copy for it that earns your customer's attention, converts them, and keeps them loving your brand.

Brand service design

A crucial element of your marketing strategy together with the marketing plan, value proposition, and copy is the form of how everything is designed to work together. This is called brand service design.

It's the flow of how your customer interacts with your brand communication throughout the entire customer journey starting from the first impression.

Norders uses visual flow charts to draw out and deliver your unique brand service design that will stand out create loyal customers.

Marketing strategy
Marketing strategy

Nordic grants

Interested in making sure you've used whatever possible growth supporting business grants and financial support for example EU and different Nordic countries have to offer?

Norders have a long and successful history utilizing ELY Centre and Business Finland grants such as Innovation Voucher and Tempo.

Get in touch and let's discuss if these can be a tool for your brand to accelerate growth.















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