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Pipedrive as a Service

Plan, deploy, train, integrate, and grow with simply the best CRM on the market.

Work with an Elite Pipedrive Partner

Norders is a certified Pipedrive Elite Partner. Combined with our innovative and experienced take on full-stack digital sales and marketing will make sure you get the most out of your CRM.​

⚡ Complete digital sales and marketing strategy around your CRM

⚡ Tailored CRM plan and turn-key deployment


⚡ Comprehensive real-time reports and analytics dashboards


⚡ Hands-on training


⚡ Email, Calendar, Slack, Teams, Asana, and Trello integrations


⚡ Netvisor and Procountor integrations


⚡ Chatbots and online forms


⚡ Newsletter marketing


⚡ 10% discount on all licenses

With Pipedrive x Norders you get

Why Pipedrive

Fast to deploy, easy to use

With Pipedrive, you can be selling more in a few days.

Designed to sell more

Pipedrive’s activity-based selling philosophy ensures your marketing and sales activities keep building growth.

Over 350+ integrations

Make CRM an integrated part of your holistic sales and marketing strategy, not an isolated island.

Award-winning CRM

Pipedrive is recognized as a top-rated CRM tool and has earned over six industry-leading awards this year alone.

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The creative sales and marketing operating system, or as we call it, the Norders OS is a 360 digital approach for maximum growth and impact.