The podcast is still after years of growth the one creative format that keeps on growing on providing brands unique possibilities to stand out in the marketplace, build deeper connections with their audience and become a sought-after thought leader in the category.

Norders was born from creating agile high-quality content for tomorrow. Our both and audio and video podcast strategy, production, and distribution capabilities ensure your brand make the most out of this superior content format.

Podcast studio in Helsinki

Norders podcast studio in Konala, Helsinki offers brands a versatile, totally rebrandable, and cost-efficient set up with the latest professional lighting, cameras, microphones, and props to produce a one-time or multiple seasons long podcast series with video or audio-only.

Contact us to discuss your podcast production plans and let's see how our Helsinki studio can be at service.

You can also read more about our Helsinki studio at norders.agency/studio

New Nordic Wave of Change
Podcast studio Helsinki

How to start a business podcast?

Planning, producing, and distributing a podcast series for your business can seem a lot. Trust us, we get it.

After producing our own and multiple other podcast series for our clients we know struggles, fears, and obstacles when it comes to making your podcast a success.

But we ensure you that that the experienced Norders team of creative entrepreneurs will help your brand to choose the right type of podcast format, production methods, guest list, interview topics, distribution channels, and all the way to the podcast name and logo.

New Nordic Wave of Change

Best podcast hosting service

The best podcast hosting service for your brand depends on what goals you've set for your podcast and who are you trying to reach with it.

We at Norders have a wide knowledge of all the market-leading software platforms and hosting services but are not tied to any single one of them. So we will objectively help your brand choose the best match for your podcast goals.

Podcast studio Helsinki
Full-service podcast agency

Full-service podcast agency

When it comes to planning, producing, recording, editing, and distributing your podcast season after season you simply can't beat the systematic and data-driven Norders execution model led by an experienced team of creative entrepreneurs.

Let's talk and make a plan for your brand to use podcasts to fuel growth.















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