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2020-2021 has been tough for many creative artists. Competitions and shows are cancelled, you can’t practice like you’re used to and many worry about their personal and professional development.

Norders partnered with B-Boy & B Girl Dojo, an online learning environment for the dance and culture of breaking last spring.

Dojo was founded in 2015 by Jussi “Focus” Sirviö and it serves their breaking community in English, Finnish, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese. Today, B-Boy & B Girl Dojo has over 100 courses for dancers and teachers on different levels and backgrounds.

Content is king

Although Dojo has a tight community of breakers and pretty impressive global reach, they wanted to take their paid advertising strategy to the next level by leveraging their existing channels and audiences.

Dojo’s multi-channel online marketing strategy relies heavily on video content and both Dojo and Focus have tens of thousands of followers across different social channels.

Creating impactful content is a bottleneck for many but not these guys! Behind Bboy Dojo is a small but very talented content team. They have understood that in order to grow and engage the community they have to keep creating authentic and interesting content for their existing and potential members.

What we did

The first step for Norders was to analyze past campaigns to pinpoint areas for improvement. Dojo had been running a number of ads in the past which made it easy for us to jump in and get started in no time.

Building a growth strategy for a limited-time campaign can be a puzzle especially if you’re new to it. However, campaign building becomes a breeze once you’ve determined the following: a) Campaign duration

b) Budget

c) Ad channels

d) Objectives

e) Creatives

f) Audience demographics

Our job was to put the plan in action and direct the execution process of the campaign on different platforms.

During the campaign month we ran a number of video ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We had 2 different campaign objectives and landing pages - one for generating email leads and one for the online course sales week that is only available one a year.

NOTE: If possible, optimize your ads for the objective you’re looking to achieve and make sure to have a clear call to action. Although this sounds super simple, it’s often overlooked!

Let the Algorithm do the work

Dojo had an impressive list of members and customers we were able to use as a base for building new audiences on Business Manager.

Some geographic locations were excluded and a certain age group was targeted. Based on these specifications we built lookalike audiences that leverage existing custom audience that you select as the source audience.

When creating an audience based on similarity, the system leverages information such as demographics, interests, and behaviors. This allows the system to find new customers with similar features. (Source: Facebook)

On Youtube we targeted specific keywords and relevant Youtube channels.

Tip: Is your offer valid for a limited time? Create a sense of urgency and retarget people who have visited the landing page but didn't yet make a purchase.

Learn More about B-Boy Dojo:

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