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Updated: Mar 11

During the pandemic, the way we sell and even what we sell and who we sell to has changed.

First of all our sales reps and account managers have had to get used to having quite fewer long lunches not to even mention the obvious change from face-to-face meetings to being on video calls all day every day.

And since our prospects are on video calls all day every day too, to give them a good old cold call to talk business has become a lot harder too.

Pandemic has also disrupted our very own services and markets for many of us. It has forced and created new possibilities to find new prospects from new markets and test out new products and services. In the new markets and with new products without any sort of history of profitable business, the chance to spend a ton of money and time is as limited as are the expectations of these new often quickly iterations.

So how can we keep our sales machine working and thus growing in these changed circumstances? And how can we find new customers with less money and ideally as soon as possible?

Well, we at Norders had these same problems and oh boy did we look for answers.

We built ebooks and video courses just to realize the world is so full of content that who wants to exchange their email for another pdf?

We executed cold calling campaigns just to find out that we pretty much reached out to those who were not positively busy enough to have other things to do than to pick up sales calls.

We spent our sales resources on Google and social media ads just to end up paying for non-converting clicks.

At the same time, our marketing agency clients and partners started approaching us with the very same problem we tried to solve for ourselves: how to get new quality leads fast with minimum resources?

Somebody had to get to the bottom of this.

We're now glad that somebody was our very own sales team.

So what happened?

We researched, tested, failed, iterated, failed again, researched again, and finally found a 3-step-process to open up the possibilities of what we call:

Automated Sales Outreach

The 3 steps are as follows:

  1. Build the target group

  2. Which geographical area, what kind of companies and which decision makers you're looking to communicate with?

  3. Once we know, we use company database tools such as Crunchbase and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build and export the precise target group of your dreams.

  4. Find the up-to-date contact information

  5. A list of companies can do only so much. A list of companies can not do alone much at all.

  6. That's why we have secured access to the best most accurate sources of up-to-date decision-maker contact information such as Klean Leads, so we can get especially the emails and LinkedIn urls:s for the contacts in your target group lists.

  7. Automate multi channel contacting

  8. Once the list with accurate contact information is in place, we upload it to an email sequence tool.

  9. Our personal favourite is Mailshake. With Mailshake we can personalise emails to be sent directly from your mailbox.

10. And as they say it in the big world, "money is in the followups". That's why we do not automate only one email but the magic is in the sequence where we send multiple emails to those prospects who have not responded to the first messages.

11.As we keep seeing great results from the automated email sequences, we see even better results when we combine automated emails with automated LinkedIn connection requests and InMail messages.

12. That's right. Your prospects will think you're personally out there for them when they receive value providing and personalised messages not in one but in two channels.

That's it. That's the technicality of it.

But the real key to success is not a process or not even the most modern prospecting automation tools.

They key to success is a unique strategy to match your brand and business objectives combined with an airtight execution.

Big part of the winning strategy are the right cold email and LinkedIn InMail tactics to ensure your messages get opened and convert their recipients to take the action you want.

The outreach message tactics are another aspect our Norders sales team masters due to constant A/B testing we get to do for ourselves and for our clients in different markets and for different target groups.

We encourage you to reach out if you feel like your business could use some new hot leads without breaking the bank or calendar for it.

Book a meeting with our outreach specialist Sonja Häyhä from You can also reach her via email at or give her a call or a WhatsApp at +358440100557‬.

Some of our already happy outreach customers include:

Rolly - Innovative taxi and charter service company from Southern Finland.

Latentti - Agile business automation process partner.

Ataá - Creative agency focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Driim - Leading Nordic wellbeing online course platform















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