Country Manager Your Country


Country or market-specific sales-oriented and entrepreneurial Country Manager for the location of the fitting candidate. This literally can be any country or location.

The position is full time with a commission and stock options based salary.

Work can be done at any location and at any time.

About Norders

Norders is a new Nordic creative community, academy and agency to empower sustainable growth and positive impact by leveraging Nordic core strengths and values.

Norders was founded in 2021 after a group of four Finnish marketing and business development entrepreneurs joined forces to globally bring together changemakers who believe in Nordic values and building sustainable growth and positive impact with them.

At the core of the Norders way of doing is an equal value-based culture that combines elements of larger than life BHAG setting and the modern gig economy.

Country Manager Your Country

We’re now taking our Nordic value approach and agile creative services to businesses small and big across the globe.

For this, we’re looking for Country Managers around the world who can launch and grow their respective markets with the help and being part of the Norders family.

The role includes

  • Implementing and developing the Norders business and sales strategy for community and agency services into the local market

  • Growing the local team as the local market share grows

  • Local business entity launch and management as the lead entrepreneur

Who you are?

You’re an entrepreneurial person who believes in love, equality and making the world a better place through bringing together changemakers who can collectively fight the big fights.

You have an eye for design and are interested in communication, branding and digital marketing.

You’re familiar with modern digital marketing tools such as Pipedrive, Wix, Shopify and Kajabi.

You understand and are excited about the possibilities that growth marketing like making the most out of Google Marketing Platform, Facebook Business Manager as well as earned media and influencer relationships can bring to brands.

You might have experience in sales and marketing, or then not. You might have built websites or taken photographs, or then not.

The most important thing is that you share our values and vision.

How to apply?

Send your open application letter and CV to our co-founder and global COO Joonas Kylliäinen at

Joonas will book video calls with top candidates.

New Country Manager positions are filled as fitting candidates are found.

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