Finally, a Light CRM that Completes your Digital Marketing Funnels

Finally, a Light CRM that Completes your Digital Marketing Funnels

If you’ve been looking for a light CRM that incorporates heavy features for your business, you're in the right place. CRMs have progressed rapidly in recent years and can now be used by companies of all kinds to drive their profit margins and growth.

Traditionally, CRM software is used to monitor and optimize sales and regulate service. However, some are more developed than others. These thought-out and detailed CRMs can help you manage your team members' relationships and external stakeholders such as partners, vendors, and collaborators. This is undoubtedly the case for Pipedrive.

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a smart, well designed CRM that has been developed with SMBs in mind. This tactical CRM integrates itself with your business data, allowing you to track, monitor, and optimize all of your actions.

You can use Pipedrive to create record synergy among both your marketing and sales departments, as it allows you to generate, capture, and track leads, making it an excellent choice for digital marketing teams. Pipedrive offers a collaboration with Ranch, an Elite Solution Partner that can help your SMB with sales and digital marketing functions.

Let’s discuss some of Pipedrive’s exclusive features that you’re sure to love!

#1: Pipeline Management

Pipedrive gives you access to an intuitive visual interface that allows you to see your deals. These are organized according to the stage of the sale. This feature enables your team to get a clear idea of how your sales look at any given moment so they can plan and re-plan their strategy accordingly.

What's more, you get access to a detailed statistics tool that gives you a crystal-clear vision of the stages of your sales. You can apply various filters and get instant access to in-depth and analytical data related to the sales pipeline. The pipeline is fully customizable so that you can add numerous stages, members, or activity types. Pipedrive doesn't restrict you or your plans!

#2: The Leads Inbox

In any business, it's all about the leads! You can use Pipedrive's organized leads inbox to see all of your tips in one place. You can also prioritize and arrange them according to your preferences. Pipedrive offers you labels that you can add to your leads, making them easy to find and organize. You can also create your custom labels as you like.

The leads inbox is smart, meaning you can add leads to it in a multitude of ways. You can add them manually, import them automatically, or sync other sources and have them added in bulk! Additionally, you can route qualified leads from either website visitors or customers who have a conversation with your Chatbot.

Finally, you can pick and choose whichever leads you want and schedule activities around them. Feel free to set up emails, calls, texts, or any other activity of your choice straight from the leads inbox.

#3: Chatbot

Any qualified business needs to incorporate two-way communication tools for their consumers. Customers like businesses who reply, answer queries, and don't take too long to respond. Pipedrive has the perfect tool to manage any new leads.

You can use Live Chat to connect customers to either sales representatives or the Chatbot. The Chatbot will immediately engage the consumer at any given time round the clock, so you don't have to worry about people losing interest. What's more, the Chatbot is entirely customizable, so you can make it how you choose. Customize the look and feel, add questions, and replies how you like them!

Alternatively, you can choose to route customers to your sales reps during working hours. Agents can start and continue conversations seamlessly, moving between the website or the app depending on their preference.

The best combo that you can use is a mixture of both of the above options. Route visitors to your Chatbot and add specific directions for critical questions. Complicated or long queries will be redirected to your sales reps, who will then continue the conversation.

Once a customer has finished their query, they can arrange a meeting time with one of your sales reps. Your meeting times will automatically be synced with the Pipedrive Scheduler. All you have to do is send the calendar link using the Live Chat, or your Chatbot can schedule meetings if the leads qualify.

#4: Web Forms

Pipedrive allows you to create customized web forms that will help your business generate quality leads. You can create forms that customers can fill out, and these can be as specific as you want. The forms get delivered straight to your pipeline, so you're instantly informed.

All the leads you receive through web forms will be imported into your leads inbox or contacts. You can then prioritize and organize the leads according to who you want to reach out to first.

There are multiple ways to share your forms. You can embed them on your landing page, share links to your email database, or upload them on your business’ social media pages. You can also test your forms live to check how they perform.

All you have to do is add the LeadBooster add-on to your Pipedrive CRM plan. For a small fee, you'll unlock a variety of powerful features such as web forms, Live Chat, Chatbot, and Prospector.

#5: Data Fields

A profitable business is all about data. It's about how you collect, organize, and manage data that sets you apart from your competitors. Pipedrive gives you the best way to ensure that your team has all the data they need in one place so they can do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

You get an infinite number of custom fields. You can use these to collect as much sales data as you need and make it as specific as you want. Don’t worry about being too detailed. You can create custom fields for any type of entry that you want to record and start organizing!

Asides from necessary fields, feel free to add in whichever area you feel is essential to have. For example, you can include a lot for "birthday." This might not seem crucial, but it's good to have information to personalize your customer experience.

#6: Workflow Automation

Here's one for the sales books! Pipedrive is truly magical as it gives you the freedom to automate your workflow completely. For example, if you think your sales team is wasting precious time answering queries or gathering leads, you can add automations to ensure they don't have to do these repetitive tasks. Instead, they can focus on what's important: growing the business.

You can easily create automated workflows that will streamline your pipeline process on their own. Let’s look at what can be automated:

  • Personalized emails: you can create customized emails sent whenever the sales process reaches a particular stage in the pipeline. This will ensure that your current leads get the attention they need while allowing you to focus on higher priority deals and ventures.

  • Automatic sales tasks: you can set up automated activities that will free up your sales team's time and energy. For example, you can set up the system to create a new deal whenever further contact is added. You can set up various automation in different stages of the pipeline, and voila! You have a fully automated task list set up.

  • Streamline sales activities: you can establish winning processes that align with your business goals, thereby boosting sales performance. Once you create standard workflows for your sales team, you will cut human error by a large percentage because Pipedrive will handle repetitive and easily forgotten tasks.

#7: AI-Powered Sales Assistant

What’s the point in performing tasks manually when you could have a smart AI assistant take care of them for you? Pipedrive offers you an efficient automated sales assistant that keeps track of your medium to low priority level deals and finds ways to improve. The assistant will give you reports by assessing past data and indicate areas that you can improve or work on.

It also allows you to stay up to date with all of your notifications and keep all your team members on the same page as they work on shared tasks. What's more, you get access to shared analytics and updates in your progress. You can choose to view these as graphs that show your performance week to week.

Pipedrive: The Benefits

Now that we've looked at the extensive features that Pipedrive offers let's check out the overall benefits of this intelligent CRM software.

  • Improved customer service

Pipedrive uses smart technology and machine learnings to aggregate all your essential data in one place so you can organize and prioritize. You can store all of your leads, customer information, and sales details in the same workflow and have your team members work on it too. This allows you to have instant access to customer behavior, and you can see what they like or don't like. Having this data stored in one place also means you can address and answer queries and create plans to target said queries strategically.

  • Customer retention

The most important thing for a business is attracting new customers and retaining old ones effortlessly. Customer loyalty helps you stand out from the crowd, and Pipedrive can help. Pipedrive can help you beat custom churn, one of the dreaded factors in any business' downfall. You can use tools like sentiment analysis, detailed reports, and workflow automation to understand how to retain your loyal customers. What's more, you can also identify the customer life cycle and understand when and if churn happens. This way, you can remedy any internal issues with the pipeline.

  • Sales boost

The best reason to use Pipedrive is to streamline and understand your sales process inside and out. You can boost your sales once you understand how they happen. This is easy when you can look at your sales pipeline precisely and analyze all your sales data. What's more, automating tasks means you won't make small mistakes, thereby increasing your overall productivity. Your customers will love your effortless sales process and will come to rely on your business for dependable and excellent service.

  • Knowledge sharing

Any collaborative business can only succeed when all of its team members are on the same wavelength. Pipedrive gives you access to efficient knowledge sharing, where you can avoid common issues like miscommunication and stunted information transfer. Not only can team members work together on important and urgent tasks, but they can also transfer the necessary skills between them. You can use Pipedrive to establish a knowledge base, set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), create a smooth workflow, and allow your team members to communicate in the best way possible.

  • Increased transparency

Once you've built your knowledge base and have your pipeline sorted, you can easily delegate tasks as needed. Transparency is vital in any business, and Pipedrive will allow your team to have this clarity. Team members will be able to see who is working on what and collaborate on big projects effortlessly. What's more, everyone can show their work and make sure everyone is doing what is required of them. You can also use performance tracking tools to check on your sales reps if you need to monitor their output or general efficiency. Pipedrive allows you to build collective understanding and foster teamwork among members.

The Bottomline

Pipedrive is a smart, intuitive CRM software that will help you get the most out of your sales process. It offers undeniable features that will allow you to have complete freedom and control in significant business decisions. Additionally, you can continuously monitor progress and track your pipeline, so you know when to change and what to improve.

Pipedrive is used by over 90,000 companies in around 179 countries, so you know you're getting the best deal out there!















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