mySustainOnline is the leading sustainability learning platform with engaging micro-courses around all aspects of the environment and sustainability. Their topics include Sustainable Lifestyles, Circular Economy, Future-Fit Business Benchmarks, Sustainable Workspaces, Sustainable Consumption, and much more.

With their vision of making sustainability learning easier and affordable for everyone, Norders got the chance to plan and produce mySustainOnline MasterClass interview series with the mySustainOnline CEO Oona D’mello interviewing some of the most exciting and relevant voices of the field.

The series includes a scalable landing page built with the Wix web design tool, scripting and editing the series trailer and the distribution of new weekly episodes in both audio and video platforms.

Norders is also executing the growth marketing strategy for the MasterClass series with paid advertising schemes on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The campaign has a heavy emphasis on reaching the sustainability decision-makers of the Fortune 500 companies and their global equivalents.

Paid advertising is also supported by an email outreach campaign sequenced via Mailshake.

Be sure to check out the MasterClass landing page and watch the episodes at

If you're interested in getting the sustainability learning platform for your employees, you can get started by booking a meeting with the radiating CEO Oona D'mello at

Remote video podcast production model

Norders has a long history of creating different kinds of podcast series at our Helsinki studio and at other locations. These productions have been great when there has been a chance to get the interviewer and the interviewee into the same physical space for the interview recording.

Globalisation and digitalisation have made it now possible though to be able to have a very personal discussion with people literally in opposite locations on the planet. For example, for the mySustainOnline MasterClass series, we did a podcast episode with the other person in Goa, India and the other in California, USA.

This makes the podcast production model quite different compared to having two microphones and one or two cameras in the same physical space.

For recording these remote video podcast interviews we've used an online recording studio tool called Riverside.

Riverside makes it possible to record and then export a unique audio and video file for each participant in studio quality. This allows us to have a final product that is much more dynamic and compelling than for example just recording the entire screen with Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

We then use so-called b-roll footage and graphics to edit attention grasping and mood-setting trailers and intros for the episodes using the Adobe Premiere Pro editing tool. For the b-roll footage, we have a Storyblocks license to ensure the highest quality 4K footage that sets the brand apart.

Once the trailer and the intro are done, we can then deliver new episodes in high-quality audio and video formats across all the major organic and paid platforms even within 48 hrs after the remote recording.

Check out an example from the mySustainOnline MasterClass series from below:

Want to have your own podcast series to build thought leadership and grow with relevant influencers?

Podcast series is a great way to get your ideal audience to follow your brand for a long period of time in channels where your audience already is.

Podcast series also allows your brand to leverage influencers by having them in your show and then using their reach to spread the word about your brand using their channels - that your audience already follows.

Call our podcast superhero Sonja Häyhä in English or Finnish at +358 44 010 0557, send her a WhatsApp, drop an email at or book a meeting with her from her calendar.















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