New Nordic Cities – The cities we have missed.


One of the important aspects of what we aim to do with the Norders is to showcase the cities of the New Nordic countries to the world. Starting in Finland, the country of a thousand lakes, we aim to deliver interesting stories through text, video, and pictures for you to understand what the New Nordic region has to offer in addition to its well-known capitals.

Follow Ronny Eriksson and Peter Vesterbacka on a journey through the beautiful cities, their people, and their efforts towards becoming the best cities to live in whatever age you are and wherever in the world you are from. A series of posts that helps you get the most out of the New Nordics and understand the huge potential in the happy countries tucked in the furthest part of the North.

The city of Seinäjoki by sunset.

Seinäjoki – The Capital of Space

When foreign people think about Finland, two destinations normally are talked about: Helsinki and Lapland, leaving most of central Finland in their shadows. This is the case often for Seinäjoki as well being the first city for our visits located 360 kilometers north from Helsinki. Seinäjoki is one of the cities one should visit due to its strong takes on the entrepreneurial spirit that can be seen both in small-scale ventures, but also in how the city is built and operates. During this we were hosted by the city major and got to experience most of the city's wonders, meeting and visiting local gems.

The city of Seinäjoki by day taken from the SeAMK rooftop.

Seinäjoki is called the Capital of Space because there is space for all good things. When visiting you can see this, a lot of growth happening all around with a lot more opportunities for new openings. In addition to space, the place also offers a vast cultural heritage with many historical stories to tell. These historical stories are today used as the frameworks for new growth paths, with for example Mad Circle building startup operations across the old mental hospital premises – creating crazy growth.

Meeting with local entrepreneurs at the old mental hospital of seinäjoki together with the Mad Circle founders. More information about the startups in the links at the bottom of this post.

The city is also the home to SeAMK the local university of applied sciences being one of the biggest schools teaching students’ practical skills. With a growing number of foreign students, Seinäjoki is also growing to become a diverse, multicultural city. This all of course will create amazing opportunities across the whole region allowing a new wave of entrepreneurial growth to emerge.

Visiting the world’s leading formula 1 simulator located 5 minutes outside of the Rovaniemi city center. More information found through

Today, Seinäjoki has a lot to offer, with a vibrant sunny city, a lot of activities within leisure and sports, and what you can’t find here will be built through the local sisu with examples such as the ski center or lake that both were man-made. The infamous architect Alvar Aalto has also left his footprint across the city and you can’t miss the church tower designed by him.

The historically well-known church bell designed by Alvar Aalto.

Together with Peter Vesterbacka, Norders, and the Seinäjoki organizations, we will start creating a series of events and activities soon to give you a reason to visit and even stay. If Seinäjoki and its future growth are within your interest, the city is here to help, and you can find the contact links below.

Delegation on dinner together with Mayor and local entrepreneurs. A deal was done to start collaboration on a bigger scale of which more information will follow soon. In picture from left Kustaa Valtonen, Mikko Markkanen, Peter Vesterbacka, Timo Korhonen, Timo Rantasaari, Ronny Eriksson, Tero Luoma and Mayor of Seinäjoki Jaakko Kiiskilä

Seinäjoki is a must-visit place and offers amazing possibilities for future growth both on an organizational and individual level. Hope to see you there soon.

Hotel Alma, located by the railway station in the heart of Seinäjoki

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