Suomen Juristit

Updated: Jan 14

Norders Agency got the chance to design, build and publish the new responsive and search engine optimized website for the Finnish law firm Suomen Juristit.

The site was done using the new advanced creation platform Wix Editor X.

Wix Editor X

With Editor X the Norders team was able to build a cutting edge web experience for all the different target groups in record time - including "test and see" styled iteration rounds with the client to ensure all the details of the design matched their expectations for the final outcome.

Editor X was launched in 2020 by the Israeli software company Wix and is made especially for designers and agencies. It offers advanced design and layout capabilities that allow you to create complex website designs for any device, all without using code, for example.

Editor X also allows teams to work on the same site side by side in real-time. When the different Norders web designers can now see where others are editing with all the changes being automatically visible to everyone, the already fast and agile web creation process just saw another improvement for the client.

For Norders as a full-stack digital marketing agency, the fact that building our client sites with Editor X allows us to get more eyes on the work and maximize site performance in search results makes Editor X a very exciting tool to offer brands of all sizes the best possible 360-solution when it comes to the web.

For the full list of different Editor X capabilities be sure to check out

To see what the Helsinki and Oulu based law firm Suomen Juristit now have thanks to Editor X visit their Editor X site at

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