This is How Buying Marketing Services will be Disrupted

The only constant thing in life is change. With the old, outdated products and strategies in this ever-changing world, the only way to survive is to be holistic and adaptive to the changes in the world.

We live in the era of technology. Mobile phones, computers, and the internet govern almost everything around us.

The pace of change has never been quicker, thanks to the exponential growth of technological developments. Experts estimate that the technology of today is roughly 32 times better than five years prior.

And in 20 years, it will be about a million times more advanced.

Therefore, businesses need to develop their marketing strategies accordingly as well as ways to sell marketing services.

Now, you have two options. Primarily, you can mould your marketing ways in compliance with this psychological shift in buyer’s behaviours.

Buying marketing services from established marketing services agencies is the second option.

With all that said, let's dive into how modern marketing is becoming ineffective in tackling the customer’s demands and how The Norders Creative Agency can provide a better alternative.

Business and Marketing

Business at its core is delivering services in exchange for some goods.

Every business is based on a model that targets a common problem the customers face and then effectively solves that problem with their services and goods, and in return, it charges something.

A successful business must have a targeted audience and a good game plan. The heart of a good game plan lies in good marketing.

According to Wikipedia, Marketing refers to the “activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product, service, or goods.”

Some Basics About Marketing

If selling and marketing were easy, businesses would not have a separate department of expertise outside professionals to handle it for them.

The apparent values marketing agencies show are celebrated at industry awards ceremonies comparable to the Oscars, of which the Cannes Lions is the most spectacular and famous.

The most reasonably straightforward of all marketing strategies is to have the audience, preferably a targeted audience to pay attention to your product and entice them enough to pay money for it.

You may recall some catchy jingles from your childhood or a funny poster you saw on your way to school.

What used to be mere pamphlets and posters on the walls at a crowded place, marketing is now a complex set of algorithms targeted for specific groups of customers based on their likes and wants age group, and profession.

How to Sell Marketing Services

With the advent of the internet, websites like Facebook and Google lay the foundation of modern marketing.

These websites work on the model of providing you with free access to their services (connecting with friends for Facebook and searching virtually anything for Google) in return for information about you and what you like.

People sell this information to businesses and advertisers in exchange for some money. Therefore Facebook and Google act as modern marketing services agencies. And you get custom ads for you. So it’s a win-win for everyone.

In the new modem marketing era, networking is another vital tool in selling your product. Building trust and transparency are essential. You are more likely to buy something if your friend recommends it. This is where Norders Creative Agency excels.

Flaws in Traditional Marketing

Now that we have laid the basis as to what marketing is and how effective it can be. Let’s look at how different marketing strategies can fail at various levels.

Large Industries:

One of the most significant flaws in modern marketing industries is their tendency to have vast and expensive industries and departments for marketing.

Also, note that most modern marketing theories originated at the time of the industrial revolution.

When the bills prohibiting monopolies spread across the US, businesses had to rely on word of mouth or pamphlets showcasing their advantages—laying the foundation for modern marketing.

Fast-forwarding to the new generation, companies have separate departments with hefty funding for marketing. However, the theory and model is the same as it was centuries ago. And for better or worse, it won’t be for long.

With the introduction of the internet, these ways are of the past.

The industry's operating models have not progressed at the pace of digitalisation in customers' buying processes. It is mainly due to the hesitation of traditional prominent international players to change the industry they control.

Large international agencies have set the norm for different customer groups that a marketing agency needs to have expensive downtown offices, large internal teams, long workshop processes, and even mystical abilities to develop and implement marketing activities.

This global agency model also reflects in the service models of local marketing services agencies. So the industry continues to operate mainly in a very traditional case-by-case and unscalable way to serve customers and develop businesses. In such a scenario, buying marketing services from another successful platform is a more viable option.

Inability to Understand the Customers:

It is one of the most basic drawbacks for every marketing agency. It doesn’t matter how good your product is if it does not comply with your customers’ needs.

For example, imagine an agency putting up posters for joint pain therapy at schools. It’s like selling dog food to a cat.

Successful marketing agencies will admit to the fact that finding the right market sentiment can be a challenge. For example, 72% of marketing agencies admit they do not know their target, yet 59% of CFOs claim that business intelligence, i.e. how to sell their marketing services, is their number one priority.

Previously, most of the marketing strategies were based on whims. However, acting on an impulse is not enough for targeting—intelligence is the answer when you are looking for the right market segment.

Here the power of AI and algorithms comes into play. People can consider buying marketing services from hyper-personalized platforms such as Nordes Creative Agency, Google, or Facebook.

Fear of Complexity:

There is a famous saying that “No one got fired for hiring IBM.” Referring to many company’s attitudes to taking risks.

The fear of the unknown is inherent, and anything out of the comfort zone can be scary. It is creepy to adopt anything outside the norm because someone has to take the fall if it fails.

This aspect is expected in the cases of many big companies’ reluctance in adopting blockchain, big data, and deep learning.

Jumping on the Bandwagon:

People celebrate Cinco de Mayo day on the 5th of May. Taco Bell launched a sponsored Snapchat filter that turned the user’s heads into a giant taco shell.

This strategy proved wildly successful as it accumulated 224 million views in one day.

This campaign worked because of its i)content, ii)execution, iii)audience.

However, many other brands were replicating the same idea for the campaign, which resulted in less compelling content.

The story of other brands’ success creates a herd mindset in people where they adopt channels without any strategic reasoning.

Managing Big Data:

As expected, a lot of information is required about the targeted audience. And for newbie companies without effective means, it becomes hard to manage everything.

With much important information getting lost in the process.

Therefore, buying marketing services from a new agency is required. Expected that do that for you if you do not have the means to. (hint: Nordes Creative Agency).

What Makes a Modern Marketing Agency Successful?

We now have gone through various challenges and flaws in selling marketing services of traditional marketing agencies.

Keeping in view those points, we can predict how a marketing agency can effectively tackle those aspects to emerge triumphant.

As mentioned before, the best way a company can be successful is by leaving the old traditional norms and implementing new ideas and gadgets.

Many modern companies spend millions of dollars just on the marketing department without catering to the customer’s needs and forming a slow service model.

A need for organisation is felt which can significantly offer lower prices and show promising service models.

Another critical aspect of marketing is networking. Large scale marketing industries rely mostly on brands and large posters.

Without so much as building a trust and transparency relationship with the customers.

Incorporating social media and the internet into the marketing strategy costs less and is a far superior, effective marketing model for businesses.

Companies require a creative, vigilant team and can put new ideas on the table—breaking the traditional norms and giving new effective ways.

All of that is given by one single platform, and that is Nordes Creative Agency.

Nordes Creative Agency

Nordes Creative Agency is a community and an agency based on nordic values.

According to Joonas Kylliäinen, co-founder of Nordes Creative Agency, “Nordes Creative Agency strives to bring together not only nordic countries but also global societies and organisations that want to make an impact for the betterment of the world and achieve sustainable growth and impact.”

He further adds, “It is a marketing agency that helps organisations and brands to achieve that sustainable growth and make a positive impact in their communities or stakeholders.”

The Nordes Creative Agency Works on the three-step process. First, it works on the model of discovery, creativity and growth.


If you want to make a positive impact and Nordic values are close to your heart, Nordes Creative Agency will meet with you and “discover” your goals, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses.

In the final process, we will put together your brand, how you sound, how you look and how you emerge in different physical and digital channels.


Then we find out what your skills and markets are, online store, photographs, videos, app e.t.c.


This is the most exciting part of the process. Nordes Creative Agency then uses data-based marketing like google ads, social media management or influencer partnership.

Nordes Creative Agency and Modern Marketing

All the necessary pieces of digitisation are already better than in place, which the Nordes Creative Agency uses.

The necessary technology has already been developed in many ways to meet the needs of different markets and service models.

In other words, the transformation of service models in the field does not require years and millions of development work.

Now it will be about who manages to use the industry’s first value-creating digital customer path, thereby taking the lead as a scalable digital marketing agency where Uber took the lead in digital passenger transportation.

At Norders, we aim for this position.

For years, the focus of our small but growing marketing agency division has been to offer customers of all sizes proven business growth services at an

  • Affordable price

  • Rapid implementation

  • Continuous agile development

All three of which were critical flaws of other modern marketing agencies.

Nordes Creative Agency Over Large Agencies

Apart from our new and digital marketing strategies, we offer customers several apparent advantages over traditionally provided marketing services agencies.

One of them includes significantly lower prices because our services are selected and deployed digitally without large teams.

Or unnecessary fixed costs such as the lavish office space costs, typical for traditional marketing agencies.

The marketing activities we provide can be deployed at a faster rate. It is because of precise digital processes.

Information moves in every direction rapidly, and the right marketing expert can do just the practical activities digitally at a rapid pace.

The flexibility of our strategies. Marketing can be modified quickly, as the operation is entirely data-driven.

So we know in real-time what works and what doesn't. In addition to the lack of agile work without large teams and lengthy processes in making the same rounds happen.

On top of everything, for a company like Nordes Creative Agency who provides marketing services on automated digital channels, the operating margin is significantly better. This is because it does not require high fixed costs and occasional idle staff.

In addition to lower costs and increased speed, a key advantage for all parties is the scalability of the business, enabling internationalisation capabilities, on scale, by utilising processed digital sales and project management models.

The Take-Home Point

Other Larger Marketing industries use ineffective and outdated ways to buy and sell their product.

At the same time, The Norders Creative Agency agilely offers marketing services at a lower price and faster than the market.

Life is changing, and forming a company like Nordes Creative Agency is a consequence of a long-awaited change!















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