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My name is Joonas, I'm a co-founder of a new Nordic marketing agency called Norders Creative.

Well, actually we're a lot more than just a marketing agency. We're also a creative community and we're launching our creative academy in the fall. But we do everything with the vision of empowering changemakers to achieve sustainable growth and make a positive impact.

For this, we acknowledge that building outstanding content that gets attention, sparks emotion, converts people and launches movements are required. We're still early on our content journey, but now we're looking to build our YouTube channel and more to have the coolest content for creative changemakers across the globe who could join us on our mission.

So now we're looking for an ambitious and passionate young talent who knows her or his way with the camera; understands YouTube and other platforms; loves content; has creative ideas; can edit and publish and most importantly has a loving and growth mindset.

The actual work would be to document our core team interacting with each other (sometimes in the office, sometimes camping) and working with our clients and partners and with whatever creative ideas we come up with together. Then the other part of the job is to edit the content into online magic.

You'll have our passionate team to brainstorm and plan content with. You'll also be equipped with the latest film gear and a professional studio to play with.

For a style reference our rolemodels are least to say ambitious as well, since we're aiming for something in the style of Casey Neistat, Gary Vee or the The Futur.

So if our way of doing, our vision and our content plan resonates and you feel like you're the right friend for us, then please do apply. This position will be filled asap.

How to apply?

Send your open application letter and CV to our co-founder and global COO Joonas Kylliäinen at

Joonas will book video calls with top candidates.

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