Why is Pipedrive CRM much more than a CRM?

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive, in its essence, is a new hip cloud-based software carefully designed to solve all your customer relationship management (CRM) related requirements. In short, Pipedrive is the answer to all your CRM needs. Pipedrive is available on both mobile phones and the web.

Trusted by thousands of companies spread all over the globe, Pipedrive has been exclusively designed to boost your revenue by skyrocketing your sales. It definitely is a go-to for every salesperson out there.

Loaded with awesome features to soar your sales, Pipedrive will even help you in forecasting your revenue, sorting deals according to priority, and keeping track and check on your performance.

Using Pipedrive, you will be able to make out a picture of your sales process; this helps set goals and get more done. It’s all about taking the leap!

Pipedrive takes an activity-based selling approach to give a head start to your sales. It does so by first creating a schedule and then completing and tracking those sales activities. Pipedrive makes you focus on the activities that are high-priority that will, in turn, generate greater revenue. It organizes and prioritizes your emails, calls, meetings, etc. It even syncs your activities with your Google Apps.

In addition to all those features, Pipedrive is amazingly easy to use considering its greatness.

It is very user-friendly, quick to master, and you can get started using this CRM software in the blink of an eye after entering the required information. Users report a substantial increase in their sales revenue after using Pipedrive. You can measure your surplus too!

What is CRM?

CRM is the abbreviation for 'Customer Relationship Management, as you might have guessed by now. But what is its function?

An effective CRM software takes the help of technology to create procedures and processes that help an operating entity manage and prioritize its activities, contacts, and relationships. These activities, contacts, and relationship can be both inside the organization and outside the organization and can include:

  • Emails and email subscribers

  • Sales lead and prospective sales

  • Customers

  • Advocates and employees

CRM is further bifurcated into CRM strategy and CRM technology. CRM strategy helps make the best out of CRM technology;

CRM technology is the main thing. CRM technology paves the pathway for pipeline reporting and management. It helps in establishing the right relationship with each of your contacts.

Talking about Pipedrive, it’s the best CRM out there as described by its subscribers; you can sell more with less work. Its main focus is sales and has many features and tools to help you boost your revenue. It is fairly easy to use as well due to its user-friendly UI. It’s customers’ first choice when it comes to CRM software.

Why Pipedrive loves marketing?

Being a sales-focused CRM platform, Pipedrive is obsessed with marketing, and rightfully so! Sales and marketing go hand in hand, and Pipedrive makes use of this theory.

Pipedrive makes use of strategies and processes to generate prospective sales for the organization. It helps you reach out to new people, turn them into prospective customers and generate demand from them, all this to boost your sales. Genius!

Pipedrive also helps you reach out to your customers, making them aware of your current plans, processes, products, features, and updates. As a result of this circulation of information, you land up with more customers.

To accelerate your sales, Pipedrive focuses on marketing tactics; it does so by:

  • Making efforts to build a reputation for your brand and raise awareness about it.

  • Using strategies to come up with leads for potential customers.

  • Collecting information about customers to know their demands and what they are looking for.

To boost your leads, you can use a tool called 'LeadBooster', offered by Pipedrive. The sole purpose of this tool is to maximize potential leads.

Sales and marketing personnel can purchase this tool to give themselves greater control of their lead generation process and spending on the pipeline segment that has the most need. LeadBooster comes with four solid features, which are:

  • Web forms – Uses forms for your inbounds teams to share contact information with you.

  • Prospector - Discovers outbound leads from a database of 400 million profiles and 10 million companies based on the selection of your customer type.

  • Chatbot – Uses AI to engage customers that visit the website to turn them into revenue-generating leads.

  • Live Chat – Alerts your customer representatives' team to engage with customers in real-time.

Pipedrive is all about integrations.

Pipedrive integrates all your functions to come up with one killer sales strategy. These functions include:

  • Sales and marketing

  • Customer success department

  • Customer fulfillment department

  • Product teams

  • Technical support

Pipedrive also offers email integration as it understands handling all the data and emails simultaneously can be stressful. This includes integrating your Gmail, Outlook, and SMTP accounts.

Pipedrive integrates with other platforms as well. These platforms are:

  • Customer support software like Help Scout,

  • Marketing automation software like Autopilot,

  • And management software like Asana and Trello.

It is aimed to scale with your team; there are hundreds of app integrations for you to automate your process and focus on selling. The top 10 that boost productivity is:

  • Zapier

  • Talkdesk

  • PandaDoc

  • Yesware

  • MailChimp

  • snapADDY

  • Ecquire

  • Niftyquoter

  • Google Apps

  • Drip

Who is Pipedrive for?

Pipedrive is mostly used by salespersons and sales teams of an organization. The sales team of more than 90,000 companies around the world are using Pipedrive to boost their

sales revenue. It’s of incredible use to both the sales and the marketing department of a company. The top companies using Pipedrive are:

  • PlanITROI,

  • Zendesk Inc

  • University of California-Los Angeles

  • Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Looking at the data, we notice that the following industrial segments use Pipedrive the most.

Computer software companies (19%)

  1. Information technology and services (11%)

  2. Marketing and Advertising (6%)

Talking about a country-wise distribution, Pipedrive is mostly used in.

  1. United States (38%)

  2. United Kingdom (10%)

  3. Brazil (6%)

All in all

From the data we have gathered, it is safe to say that Pipedrive is definitely the deal in CRM technology. It is hot in managing deals and leads, tracking communication, prioritizing activities, integrating with other apps, and being private and secure. To sum it up, it is the next-gen CRM that promises you growth and a better future.















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