Wix Website and Marketing Features for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Wix.com is one of the easiest, simplest, and most convenient ways to develop, maintain and update websites, for beginners and professionals alike. In today’s time, the paradigm of businesses is shifting from being office-based to becoming online. For instance, meetings that were once held in an office are now carried over mobile devices using the Internet. Similarly, shopping that was once done in stores is now preferred online. People favor accessing things through their phones, rather than having to travel somewhere.

With the rise in telebanking, e-commerce, and seamless integration of numerous applications and features on the web, people are getting used to buying and selling through online platforms only. The need for businesses to create their online presence has never been higher and can help a business grow exponentially.

A few years ago, the concept of creating a website on your own was simply non-existent. The only way one could get a website made was with the help of Whiz Coders, who would charge you quite a load of money in return for their services. Hence, only affording businesses or individuals would opt for creating websites, and the rest could only hope to get one made.

Then a turning point came where website creators and coders saw a massive decline in their running incomes because now people could create websites on their own, oops. Content creators of all ages could now have a digital presence and showcase their brilliance online, without bleeding out cash and emptying their pockets.

Amongst all, Wix has always been a forerunner in making website development accessible to all, requiring no background training or expertise. It not only makes website designing trouble-free but provides an array of templates to suit everyone’s needs.

What is a website builder?

Before we get to the advantages of Wix over competing website builders, we first need to understand what a ‘website builder’ is, and why are they necessary.

A website builder is an online tool that provides a graphic, interactive user interface for website development. In simpler words, anyone willing to develop a website does not need to learn complicated coding or a particular computer language. A website building tool does all the background work while showing the creator a simple, intuitive and real-life website. To change, for example, the size of a window, the creator does not need to modify threads of perplexing coding characters. Instead, he sees his website as it would show in real life, and changing the size of a window is as simple as clicking, dragging and resizing. That’s it!

As the age of cloud computing has donned upon us, the ability of cloud-based working has metamorphosed. Long gone are the days when the working capacity was limited by the hardware a computer carried. Today, a basic computing device paired with a high-speed internet connection can do wonders, and website builders have exploited this potential like no other industry. Capitalizing on the need to have an online presence, platforms have been trying to simplify the process of creating a website as much as possible.

Website building platforms work on two models. They can be template-based or use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help create a more customized website.

Template-based websites, the more traditional type, showcase a multitude of pre-designed websites in various categories, which you can select and fill in the content you have created. They do allow a certain degree of customization, such as changing fonts or the colour scheme, but mostly limit users to a specific design.

AI-powered website designing takes a different approach. It asks you a bunch of questions; what would be the purpose of your website? What are your design preferences? How would you utilize the website? Will it involve monetary transactions? Few more such questions and then creates a website suited to your needs. The choices it offers are practically infinite.

Wix is unique to these approaches; it is the perfect amalgamation of both approaches, utilizing the simplicity of template-based website making and augmenting it with the convenience of AI. It allows users to select from more than 500 industry-specific templates, or use Wix ADI and let Wix create a website for you by simply answering a few questions!

Who is Wix most beneficial for?


The easily usable website builder has gained most of its fame through businesses, as the platform contains various formats for each type of industry. Now that all companies have access to creating a website for free, the multiple tools and website templates available at Wix.com are a cherry on top, making Wix a website-heaven for entrepreneurs and businesses.

To further attract businesses, Wix has a lot more to offer. The website building platform contains fantastic features such as online webinars, email marketing, appointment bookings, and additional handy services. Connecting with employees and getting messages across has never been easier.

Looking at the paradigm shift of businesses going from stores to online/websites thanks to technological advancement, it’s safe to say Wix.com is precisely what your business needs. Having a platform where you can sell your product/service, connect with potential and prospect buyers, and communicate with fellow employees and bosses is not a luxury, but a necessity in today’s circumstances.

According to several research studies, a large sum of youngsters and elders now prefer to shop online rather than in stores because it’s time-efficient and way more convenient. As a result, businesses that have grown their presence online as well as in stores have a noticeably higher sales margin than those that don’t.

Easy access to self-created websites has helped several businesses grow and raise their sales massively, which contributes significantly to Wix.com’s 5/5 star rating.


Individuals looking to start online businesses by selling products online can do so with ease at Wix.com. The website builder allows people to build their online stores however they please, and start selling their products there. The convenience doesn’t end here! The website has multiple options for online businesses. First up, you don’t have to sell a physical product to create your online website and get it running; the website has options for those looking to sell a digital product or a service as well.

Once sellers have posted their service or product for customers to purchase, they can manage the prices. The website lets sellers place discounts, add promo codes, and control payment and shipping procedures. In short, it lets users manage their store entirely, which can be done through the mobile application as well.

The party doesn’t end here! Website owners also get to track guest visits, inventory, social commerce, and other data. Wix has upped its game with its tools and data access, leaving competitors way behind in line.

The ease of self-created websites also saves entrepreneurs a lot of money, decreasing the investment costs and allowing more small businesses to come into existence and flourish. The number of entrepreneurs has significantly increased as access to self-created websites has become a thing.

Wix.com has played a massive role in helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of owning an online store that can help them become self-employed and earn a living. In a world where jobs are becoming scarce each passing day, wix.com has opened doors for those who have the potential and are seeking an opportunity to become self-employed and hire others.

Wix.com’s marketing features

Email Marketing tool

One of Wix.com’s most powerful marketing tool is email marketing, which is also a highly useful tool today because estimates say that the number of people using emails is on the rise. It is predicted that half the population worldwide might be using emails by the end of this year.

The most comfortable and most convenient way to capture and grasp customers is to remind them about your product or brand through emails. The Ascend email marketing tool by Wix does this for you, that too, for free.

All you have to do is integrate all customer contacts in your mailing list, craft a beautiful and attention-seeking email to increase your customer awareness, and then send the email. Once you’ve sent your email, Wix also lets you track the customer response stats.

Social sharing tool

The convenient website builder contains a social sharing tool that helps you post regular content on your social media pages to keep in touch and increase your customer base. The tool also helps business owners create catchy posts that present their product or service beautifully.

All you have to do is use one of the many beautiful templates on the website, add images, quotes, designs, and other details, and share the posts to all social media accounts connected to your business. The posts can also be created and downloaded if you want to post them later on.

Video creating tool

For an average individual, creating and editing a marketing video can seem impossible. But video content is discovered to be way more effective in grasping customer’s attention compared to other marketing materials. According to a study, it was found that video content can lead to a 157% increase in your website's organic traffic. People are simply attracted to videos, and that is why wix.com has a video maker that helps create promotional videos easily with the help of a simple video-making tool. Users can add visuals, music, and texts, etc. to create a beautiful video within minutes only.

Automated emails and messages

Sending thank you and sorry emails to each individual customer is a hassle, and would be insanely time-consuming. Thankfully, wix.com has an automation tool that allows users to create drip campaigns and set several automated responses for customers.

Now businesses can automatically email new customers with a friendly, warm welcome, and apologize to customers reporting issues etc. without having to type and send these messages individually. The era of convenience and efficiency is here, and business owners are in luck!

SEO tool

There’s no use of creating engaging content, a beautiful website, and having fantastic products, unless you optimize your content so it can reach maximum customers through the search engine. Don’t worry, wix.com has got that covered as well!

An SEO strategy includes many aspects, such as keywords, descriptions, alt texts etc. and Wix helps you keep track of all these aspects through a customized checklist to ensure your product or service reaches a maximum number of people.

That’s not all; the fantastic website also offers instant google indexing, keyword recommendations, and SEO plans to make sure businesses know where they stand, and can highly optimize their websites to grow sales and earn profits.

Form tool

The key to gaining and grasping customers is to get their contact details so they can be reminded of your business. Although, gathering potential customers information is something majority businesses struggle with. Although, Wix.com contains a unique feature that allows website owners to add an easily fillable form to their website, where visitors can add their personal information effortlessly.

Getting personal contact details is the first step to gaining a customer because now you can reach out to them and send them special offers, or remind them of your business through marketing messages or emails.


A website builder like Wix.com seems too good to be true, especially for business owners or entrepreneurs. The website builder is created to suit all types of individuals, including bloggers, entrepreneurs or even families and friends.

Although the platform is most famous amongst business owners and it’s quite apparent why. The website builder contains numerous tools and templates to suit all sort of businesses and has all that it takes for an online business to go from zero to successful.

From designing a website with ease of creating social media posts, grasping customer details and converting leads to buyers, and even helping businesses with SEO, the fantastic website offers it all.

Not having to spend a large sum of money on developing websites and efficiently managing a website for free has allowed many businesses to shift online, and increase their customer base leading to higher profits.















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