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Protect Children

Protect Children does their utmost to ensure that no child is subjected to sexual harassment, grooming or any kind of sexual violence.

Protect Children help give voice to children so that their views would be heard in and they raise awareness and enhance the public discourse on the phenomenon.



What we did

Website Design

Social media


Paid advertising

Case: Protect Children

Norders had the privilege to provide expertise in the development of marketing strategy and its implementation in life. We designed and executed the Wix Editor X website and run Google Ads campaigns to spread the important word about Suojellaan Lapsia's cause across the globe.

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Norders built #MyFriendToo, a website, where you can find information and tips on how to help and support a friend who has experienced sexual harassment, grooming or sexual violence. The page provides young people with clear information and instructions to help act in challenging situations.

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