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Norders Creative Agency

Website Design


The main requirements for SCIC's website were scalability, conveying a modern and clear look and feel, and communicating the core services and value proposition for partners -  imagery and story at the core.

The website is built on WIX Editor X, which is a flexible platform for creating unique site experiences for any screen size. It allows for the creation of advanced responsive layouts and meets the needs of all modern website requirements.

Smart City Innovation Cluster

Smart City Innovation Cluster (SCIC) brings together the most innovative companies, cities and research organisations with unique and active co-operative processes and tools, creating ambitious solutions.



What we did

Brand Identity

Logo Design

Website Design


Norders created the entire digital presence of SCIC including brand identity, logo, and website design.

Brand Identity


SCIC is a co-operative of  the leading companies and institutions in the Smart City field. By combining the actions, expertise and possibilities of the member organisations, they are ready to create the solutions for global scaling.

SCIC'S brand identity is modern, light and clean. The brand was created to communicate innovation, collaboration and future ways of working.

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