We believe in consistent strategy execution. Ideas are cheap - to reach full potential an agile, analytical and systematic approach is required. For this, we’ve created a proven winning formula.

1. Discovery

Discovery stage is there to help your and our teams understand what we’re doing, when, how and why plus to lay the foundation for executing future projects and growth acitivies.

Discovery is built through our airtight process of efficitive workshops, eyeopening bootcamps and digitally executed iteration rounds and it consists together or separateley of three key components.


Business Consulting

Leveraging our multidisciplinary team we help you build the best model for growth.

Marketing Strategy

A strategy that is easy to implement and measure in daily operations and through various channels.

Brand identity

Thoroughly discovered brand identity includes the assets that are relevant for business practises.

Value proposition

Value proposition defines the tone, oneliners and core message your company sends out to customers.

Innovation Voucher

We're your partner for applying and make the most out of the 5k Business Finland voucher.


Ready to take your growth to the next level? We're there for you all the way in the Temp project.


2. Creative

The creative are the channels, content, deliverables and platforms that are used to communicate the value proposition, deliver brand value and that are the pillars that marketing strategy stands on.

What creatives are needed is unique to each brand and what goals the people behind that are looking to achieve.

During the Discovery phase we determine what Creatives are needed and in what form and shape. Then during the actual Creative phase we execute them with our systematic project management approach.


Product photos, employee photos or a photoshoot for the brand. At our studio or at your location.

Agile and modular video planning, production and distribution to get attention and deliver messages.

Podcast planning, production and distribution accross the largest platforms in audio and video.

Wix is the easy-to-use and versatile web design and management platform to support any goal.

An e-commerce platform for a need big or small that has all the whistles to choose from.

Your website, course platform, member management and marketing automation in one.

Norders is the first marketing agency partner for Pipedrive CRM.

Content creation

Scalable and unique social media posts, ads and blogs that get attention and deliver value.

Event production, streaming and promotion services offered with years of experience.

3. Growth

Strategies, brands, channels and platforms are worthless without the right tactics. Our Growth services help your brand get your message to the right audience at the right time in the right place.

We use modern data driven execution to continuously achieve better results by sytematically testing and optimizing.

Based on your brand’s unique goals we choose the right tactics that we contiously develop to meet your market’s needs with our tailored team of specialists.



Your website and content optimized to get the right traffic from Google's search results.

Google Ads

Search and Display ads strategy, execution and constant optimization.


YouTube channel strategy and ads to make the most of the second largest search engine on the planet.

Facebook & IG ads

Facebook Business Manager strategy, execution and constant optimization for FB and IG.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads strategy, execution and constant optimization to reach the decision makers where they are.

SoMe management

FB, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok posts, follower growth tactics and conversion strategies.


Public relations strategy and execution to get you published and seen in the right medias.


We use Databox to build your visual KPI's, real time dashboards and transparent tools to follow progress.

Email marketing

Newsletters, outreach campaigns and email automations for goal specific campaigns and events.