Video and photography studio Helsinki


Norders has a full-service video and photography studio in Konala, Helsinki.

The studio is built for high-quality audiovisual production to match your brand.

  • Employee and team photos

  • Product photos

  • Video podcasts

  • Webinars

  • Online events

  • Video courses

  • Interview videos

Video and photography studio Helsinki

Norders studio is located in Konala, Helsinki, on Ruosilantie.

The studio can be rented as studio-only, or with new professional video and photography equipment, or even with experienced videographers and photographers. If you want, you can also get the editing as a service.

Video and photography studio Helsinki

Studio space for rent

The studio has a 3 x 5 meter fully customizable shooting area and another large wall with a changeable background to match your brand colors.

The studio can be dimmed and given light as needed. At the studio, you get to capture clear sound with a variety of high-quality shotgun, lavalier, or wireless microphone options.

You can shoot with your own cameras, or rent from the studio from a diverse 4k camera selection.

The studio has plenty of free parking, a relaxed lounge area, and a coffee maker and kettle. You also have a kitchen and two bathrooms.

Experienced studio crew

Norders has an experienced photography and video team, led by Johannes Terhemaa and Mika Poutala, to help you utilize the studio to the maximum, select the right equipment and even carry out and edit the work.

So whether you need photos of new employees for a website or a year-round production of a video podcast series, contact us and we’ll quickly look at the best possible shooting plan for you with simple and transparent pricing.

Video and photography studio Helsinki
Video and photography studio Helsinki

Studio pricing

The studio is at your disposal for 70 € / h or for the whole day for 350 € + VAT.

The equipment, team, and editing will be priced separately according to your exact needs.

But as an example, a studio + two 4k camcorders, two lights, and the necessary microphones for the day are € 700 + VAT.

One photo or videographer in addition to the studio and equipment for the whole day on a turnkey basis, including everything except editing, is € 1,000 + VAT.

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