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You want your clients to return, right?

During conferences and client meetups you only have seconds to impress your website visitors. 🚀

Within the first seconds of seeing your landing page, investors, peers and clients will have a solid impression of who you are. Are you showing them your best?

Let’s find out! ⚡️

Why Norders?

Tanja Drca has worked several years in the health tech industry and startups, and provides an insider knowledge of stumbling blocks and challenges when it comes to validation of investors and peers.


Now, she has joined forces with the most interesting Nordic marketing team, Norders, to help health tech companies with marketing facelift, with SLUSH and year 2022 just around the corner.


What's in it for you?

We do not only help you with basic HOW-TO, but we insert our creative energy, focus your systematic branding practises into your marketing to make your digital channels supercharged growth magnets. ⛳️

WHERE to start?

Do not worry though - experienced and creative Norders team is here to help choose the right solutions and features.

It all starts with a quick 30 min call to get to know your business, websites and brand. 👇


Some of our success stories

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Troot Creators

Norders Top 3 for you

So Norders Creative Agency is as the name implies; a marketing agency 😎 So we're all about aligning marketing and sales into a beautiful system where your leads flow into success stories like a flower in a river. 

1. VALUE We upgrade what you're saying out loud

2. BRAND Our creatives boost your brand looks, logos, colors and fonts. 

3. OPTIMIZE Norders web designers make sure, that your website looks GREAT also on mobile. 

Contact Norders Sales Director and specialist Tanja Drca to discuss how Norders can transform your web presence and brand 

Call our branding and sales superheros Sonja Häyhä and Tanja Drca in English or Finnish to +358 440100557, send her a WhatsApp, drop an email at sonja@norders.agency or book a meeting with them both from here 👇