Wix Plan terms & conditions

The parties


Service Provider or "Norders"


Contract assignment


The Producer agrees to design and produce a Wix website for the Customer based on the Wix Plan chosen by the customer with the features and solutions as described for the chosen plan on the Wix Plans page.

Duration of the Contract


The agreement is valid from the date of the successful payment for the publication of the approved Wix website.

Completion of Work


Norders undertakes to complete all the activities and projects of this agreement in its best capability to ensure completion within the given time frame of the chosen Wix Plan.

But for if any reason the preliminary timeline is not met, Norders is not responsible for any financial or other losses or expenses.

Terms of Payment

The Wix website Plan is paid fully at once when the order is made.

Suspension of the Contract

The customer has the right to terminate this agreement at any time, in which case Norders is not responsible to return any of the prior payment amount executed by the Customer.

Norders undertakes to perform the services of the agreement in full.

Use of work in Service Provider Promotions

Norders may use the materials of the services as a sample of its production on its own websites, on various social media channels and at events.

Storing and Using Materials

All materials used to provide the services are the property of the customer, and Norders may not use any of these materials for any purpose other than the execution of the services.

Norders undertakes to preserve all materials included in the activities of this agreement digitally for no longer than the duration of each activity.

Norders is not responsible for any loss or alteration of materials due to the digital services used.


The parties undertake to keep confidential this offer and any technical, financial or commercial information relating to the contract and the other party which it has obtained in any way.

The obligation of confidentiality shall continue after the termination of this agreement as long as the confidential information has economic or other significance or the information has become lawfully public.

Without prejudice to the obligation of professional secrecy, Norders shall have the right to disclose confidential information to its partners or employees to the extent necessary for the performance of this contract.

Norders must ensure that its partner / employee undertakes professional secrecy.

Settlement of Disputes

Disputes arising from this agreement will be handled in the Helsinki District Court.