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Norders Wix Plans

Norders Wix Plans are designed for businesses that want to grow now 🚀

Take your digital sales and customer service to the next level even as quickly as in a week by choosing one of our WaaS (Wix-as-a-Service) plans.

You get one of Norders' inhouse Wix experts and our airtight process to get your modern, unique and scalable premium Wix site ready to make a ruckus.

So here's how it works 

1. Choose the Wix Plan that fits your need the best

2. Sign up and pay the Plan

3. After the successful payment you'll receive our brief-form where we get to know your need

4. At the end of the form you'll book a kick-off meeting with our Wix expert where the project starts!

Choose your Wix plan

  • Premium

    Get your simple Wix site launched in a week
    • Wix template design
    • 2 pages
    • Responsive design
    • 1 plugin/extension
    • 2 revision rounds
    • Own or free stock bank images and videos
    • Basic SEO
    • 1 week delivery
    • Prices are VAT 0%
  • Extra

    Modern Wix site for your business that grows with you
    • Unique site design
    • 5 pages
    • Responsive design
    • 3 plugin/extension
    • 4 revision rounds
    • Own or premium stock bank images and videos
    • Basic SEO
    • 2 week delivery
    • Prices are VAT 0%
  • Ultra

    Your exceptional Wix site with a competitive edge
    • Unique site design
    • 10 pages
    • Responsive design
    • 5 plugin/extension
    • Unlimited revision rounds
    • Own or premium stock bank images and videos
    • Advanced SEO
    • 3 week delivery
    • Prices are VAT 0%

Wix work

Want to discuss more about Wix, us and you first?

Book a meeting with Caisa, Norders' Head of Wix  👇

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Caisa Lindblom

Head of Wix

Caisa initiated her creative career by doing web design in her spare time. Later on, she decided to turn her passion into a full-time job. Caisas career in healthcare has made her an almost indestructive person, sprinkled with compassion. Therefore she loves that she now can increase customer loyalty through design for brands that she believes in. In her spare time, she enjoys being out in the archipelago and exploring exotic locations.



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