Wix websites

Wix websites

Want a new and better website?

Wix is a website platform for companies of all sizes and industries. Wix gives you the freedom to design, build, maintain and develop modern and targeted websites the way it suits you.

Reach and serve your customers better online

Norders is an experienced certified Wix partner with hundreds of Wix website projects on our belt ⚡️

Norders' creative website and analytics entrepreneurs combine modern technologies with Nordic design 👩‍💻

Website design with us is a smooth process in which, in addition to design, we take into account the search engine optimization (SEO), mobile responsiveness, and integrations to the rest of your sales and marketing tools.

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Wix websites

How does Wix design work?

Implementing a modern, stylish, and scalable website, even with a simple tool like Wix, can feel like a complex and time-consuming project.

That’s why Norders ’Wix team of creative entrepreneurs has developed a transparent process to get your brand website you will be proud of at record speed.

Let's start with a half-hour call where we get to know your brand and goals better and hear more about our design process👇

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Why Wix?

Wix is the most agile web platform

Wix enables the design, build, management, and development of a unique and high-quality website much faster and easier than other options in the market. Wix websites are therefore also cheaper 💸

No-code development

Wix pages evolve with your business. With Wix, you can get started by publishing a new simple and informative website for your business in a day that will grow with you into an online store, course platform, membership site, or video gallery - without complicated code 🚀 It's easy to update your site yourself!

Focus and traceability

Wix is built for the visitor (and search engine) of your website. Wix's built-in responsiveness and search engine optimization features make the technical management of your site easy and rewarding.

Wix websites
Wix websites

Take the growth of your business to the next level

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