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Welcome to the Demand Gen revolution. The biggest step in B2B success.

Dynamic markets require a dynamic approach. Demand Gen combines strategy, sales and marketing into a creative data and technology-driven, profitable engine for revenue growth.

Demand Gen Revolution

Competition has grown more international and fiercer. Buyers and buying behaviour have changed radically. To succeed, we need to improve the strategy implementation, the speed of sales and the value of marketing. Throughout the sales pipeline.


Customer journeys are no longer simple. No longer do easy 'onetime' content or appointments help customers make decisions. We need to leverage the latest technologies and fully embrace CRM systems to maximise revenue growth while minimising the resources required.


The answer is Demand Gen, a.k.a. Demand Generation. By combining data-driven strategy, sales, marketing and customer experience into a single revenue-generating engine, we can quickly achieve scalable success and market leadership.

RevOps - Sales velocity

How Demand Gen can help you to lead, grow your business and realise your vision

The business environment of today is dynamic and changing. As CEO, your job is to navigate your company through this complex landscape, define the vision and ensure its realisation. Demand Gen provides the tools to do this.


Demand Gen focuses on integrating sales, marketing and customer service into a single data- and technology-driven engine that is tuned for maximum efficiency. It not only helps scale the business, but also improves the customer experience, creating customer loyalty and long-term value for the brand.


  • Leadership: Demand Gen provides clear KPIs and metrics that allow you to monitor and optimise the performance of all teams in real time.

  • Business growth: when all activities are in sync and data is used efficiently, your business is able to grow faster and more efficiently.

  • Vision realisation: Demand Gen helps to clarify objectives, prioritise resources and measure progress towards the defined vision.

Norders services
Norders RevOps services for CEOs

The benefits and impact of Demand Gen on sales and marketing strategy and its execution

The world of sales and marketing is constantly changing. New channels, more complex buying decisions and increasing competition require strategic thinking and constant adaptation. This is where Demand Gencomes in.


Demand Gen's integrated approach gives sales and marketing a single view of the entire customer journey. This not only accelerates the generation and closing of higher quality leads, but also strengthens thought leadership and competitive advantage.


  • Strategic clarity: Demand Gen helps to integrate strategies and ensure that sales and marketing are integrated to achieve shared goals.

  • Efficiency of execution: when teams work as a cohesive unit, resources are used more efficiently, leading to faster and more effective execution.

  • Measuring and optimising: real-time data and analytics allow for a wide range of fine-tuning, enabling continuous development and growth of ROI.

RevOps Playbook - Norders
Norders RevOps services for sales and marketing leaders
Norders Agency's client: Smart City Innovation Cluster

"Norders has helped us to develop our new international brand and to implement the strategy to our various stakeholders. Norders' ability to quickly brainstorm and take new ideas to testing has been very impressive. But even more impressive has been Norders' ability to continuously learn from the tests and curiously try new things."

Pertti Kortejärvi, CEO, Smart City Innovation Cluster

- Pertti Kortejärvi
CEO, Smart City Innovation Cluster

Norders customer Fun Academy

"Fun Academy's background and core competence is in pedagogical contents and experiences, but packaging and commercializing our versatile services for large companies is not our strength. Norders, on the other hand, showed that it is exactly their strength. Norders has been an important partner in creating our sales strategy and has continuously implemented the created strategy by iterating and leading with data."

Sanna Lukander, CEO, Fun Academy

- Sanna Lukander
CEO, Fun Academy

"Norders has combined both creativity and analytics when building our new B2B sales machinery. They are like our passionate and proactive internal team at every stage of sales and marketing."

Ira Koivu  Perustaja ja toimitusjohtaja, Soberisti

- Ira Koivu

Founder and CEO, Soberisti

Norders customer Soberisti
Norders Customer stories
Canvas bag with Norders logo

Demand Gen Essentials

Common Metrics

  • Pipeline Velocity

    • RevOps is not just focused on the number of leads. Instead, attention is paid to the quality of the leads, the size of the opportunities, and pipeline velocity.

  • Full lifecycle ROI

    • Metrics cover the entire customer lifecycle, measuring return on investment from start to finish, not just on individual campaigns.


One System

  • In the Demand Gen model, different departments (sales, marketing, production) use the same technology platform, enabling seamless information flow and synchronisation of operations.


Emphasising Strategic Cooperation

  • Demand Gen breaks down silos and promotes collaboration between all teams. This approach ensures that strategies are aligned and focused on shared goals.


Repeated reporting and iteration

  • All decisions are based on continuous testing and the data obtained from it. This means that marketing and sales measures are optimized based on real-time data and not just based on intuition or assumptions.


Considering the whole customer lifecycle

  • Unlike traditional models, which may focus only on procurement or production, Demand Gen focuses on the entire customer lifecycle. This means that every customer encounter, whether before, during or after the sale, is considered and optimised.


Demand Gen resources

State of B2B Sales and Marketing 2024 Report

Demand Gen Playbook

Benefits and practices from Demand Gen point of view

Benefits and practices from Demand Gen point of view


As sales and marketing professionals tackle the changing daily tasks, they need to know that they have the best tools and methods at their disposal. Demand Gen isn't just theory - it's concrete practices that make your work more efficient and effective.

  • Creating personalised paths to purchase: DemanD Gen allows you to create paths to purchase that are tailored to each customer, ensuring that messages resonate correctly with each target audience.

  • Real-time data flow: no more data gaps. Sales people are instantly informed of new quality leads and marketers are able to create real, valuable content to boost sales.

  • Maximising CRM: CRM is a sales and marketing automation tool that tracks, supports and analyses sales and marketing effectiveness in real time. It is not just a standalone database.

Benefits from RevOps' point of view
Norders RevOps services for salespeople and marketers
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