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Nordersin Google Ads, LinkedIn ja Meta mainonta

Multi-channel advertising

Don't put all your eggs in one advertising basket, and don't measure the wrong things. With Norders, you test and optimize all advertising channels that lead to maximum new sales with minimal budgets.

The purpose of digital advertising is to help the target audience buy as quickly as possible

One advertising channel will not solve your company's digital lead generation, especially sales. The key is to test different advertising channels, formats, and messages, cross-testing them continuously, and through ongoing learning, develop a digital paid advertising mechanism that supports concrete sales aligned with a modern B2B buying process.

Norders is not a traditional digital marketing agency or just a lead generation agency. Instead, Norders is a modern RevOps (Revenue Operations) agency that combines sales strategies, deep understanding of the target audience, and a multi-channel approach to agile digital advertising channel-independently.

Don't measure clicks or traffic - digital advertising should drive new sales

Don't fragment advertising across different channels - all channels and content compete with each other, and only the most effective ones continue

The content of the ads is everything - so constantly test different videos, images, and texts for different target audiences

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Norders Google Ads services

Norders is a partner for effective digital advertising

Norders is your partner in effective digital advertising across all channels. Norders provides technical optimization of advertising channels, production of content resonating with the target audience, customized sales funnels for buying processes, and continuous A/B/C testing with real-time reporting.

Don't waste time managing multiple advertising channels in-house or dealing with multiple partners. Digital advertising, whether on Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, is just one part of the modern B2B buying process. With Norders, you get an experienced and dedicated team to address the entire sales funnel and continually test all channels, aiming for predictable and scalable sales building as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Whether you need just Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or the planning and production of a multi-channel strategy from websites to videos, Norders grows with you as a passionate and agile partner.

Google Ads as a service

Regardless of your industry, market, or target audience, your decision-makers seek information on Google and YouTube search engines and see various ad formats within Google's ad networks.

While Google ad formats have long been a standard tool in the marketing arsenal of B2B SMEs and growth companies, they are evolving, along with their challenges and opportunities, at such a pace that we strongly recommend leveraging a partner who understands the comprehensive B2B sales and marketing strategy when utilizing the diverse ad types on the Google Ads platform.A partner who not only tracks click costs and the ranking of ads in search results but also one who helps strategically and practically optimize Google Ads daily to increase tangible sales.

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LinkedIn and Meta ads

LinkedIn and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) advertising platforms offer numerous ad formats, from video ads to image carousels, and from simple text ads to events and lead capture ads directly on the platforms. Both advertising channels are excellent for targeting different messages to cold audiences, existing decision-maker lists, or even visitors to websites. However, there are significant differences between LinkedIn and Meta's advertising platforms, starting with the pricing.

Norders has a team well-versed in B2B buying processes and both channels, helping you choose and test the right ad formats, content, and budgets tailored to your target audience.

In both channels, continuous testing of new content is crucial for success, and Norders is undoubtedly an efficient partner, providing all services from ad copy to videos, photography to animations. However, advertising is just advertising, and the magic of collaboration with Norders lies in their unwavering focus on considering the entire sales funnel for optimization. The sole measure of success is tangible new sales.


Does a risk-free website consulting with our experienced expert suit you here

At Norders, we've built dozens of websites with various features for different industries and types of businesses. We're happy to share our experiences, lessons learned, and ideas with you at no risk. Let's start a discussion to see how we can help.

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Building and approval of the website design plan and proposal

If we feel that we could be good partners for the development of your company's website, we will make a detailed proposal or offer tailored to the needs of your website and your company. The proposal will be refined together into its final acceptable form.

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Project kickoff

If we have the honor of starting a website partnership, the project will commence with a joint 90-minute kickoff meeting, involving all relevant personnel for the project. The kickoff will be conducted using Norders' concise and clear kickoff playbook.

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Guided website project

At the kickoff, a detailed schedule, milestones, and activities will be clarified and tracked using the digital Asana project management view and communication channel. Weekly meetings will provide a more detailed overview of the project progress.

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Website publishing

Once the website is deemed ready for publication by both parties, the website launch will be carried out in a controlled manner, and training will be provided to selected individuals. The website can be published either on Norders' hosting environment or on your own management platform, depending on your needs.

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Continuous development

The website launch is just the beginning of the process. Norders provides full support for website management, development, web analytics, and ongoing reporting tailored to the company's objectives.

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