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Nordersin Niilo-Kalle ja Julia

Pipedrive CRM

Sell more, automate sales pipelines and turn high-quality data into a competitive advantage with the market's leading CRM for SMEs and growth companies.

Norders is Pipedrive Elite Partner

Automate your growth with Pipedrive

Pipedrive enables companies to manage leads, track communications and close deals more efficiently by centralizing sales activities and providing real-time data. 


Pipedrive is an affordable and intuitive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform designed to streamline and optimize the B2B sales process. It is a versatile solution for SMEs and growth companies that boosts sales efficiency and promotes a more strategic and organized approach to customer relations.

Norders is the highest level Pipedrive Elite partner and offers Pipedrive implementations, developments and even turnkey management of sales pipelines with experienced and dedicated teams of Pipedrive specialists and sales.

Centralizes all data and communication in one easy-to-use system

Track and scale sales with real-time reports

Connects sales and marketing with integrations and automations to sales-promoting customer paths

Build better customer experiences and sell more

Create predictability in business

With Pipedrive, your business

Norders - Pipedrive Elite partner

Norders is a sales Pipedrive partner

Pipedrive enables versatile sales and marketing automation, integrations and reporting for the company. However, Pipedrive alone does not sell any more, but the shortcut to happiness can be found in a CRM built in accordance with the sales strategy and fully used.


Norders builds and manages Pipedrive CRMs built in accordance with the sales strategy and fully used.


Norders is a Pipedrive Elite level partner that specializes in increasing the turnover of B2B growth and SME companies by combining sales and marketing functions into a CRM-driven growth engine.


A good CRM is built around the company's business and grows with it. Pipedrive CRM offers versatile licenses and marketing automation add-ons that are easy to expand as the company grows. Norders offers simple Pipedrive implementations and trainings for quick CRM utilization, as well as sales reporting from Pipedrive as a continuous service and even as a turnkey service sales pipeline management from nurturing to closing.

Why choose Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive CRM is designed to boost sales. It doesn't collect unnecessary data, maintain unnecessary tracking, or include unnecessary features. Pipedrive is quick to implement, easy to manage, and delivers results within a few weeks. It seamlessly integrates with existing company systems, consolidating all data from leads, prospects, and customers in one place. Pipedrive easily manages digital marketing lead generation, sales pipeline automations, quotes, contracts, and even completed projects.

Versatile and clear reporting

Chatbot and online forms

Website visitor data


Automated offers and electronic signatures

Project management

Norders on Pipedrive CRM Elite kumppani
Norders Pipedrive project

Norders' Pipedrive services

With an agile and experienced team, Norders offers growing and SME companies all the services of Pipedrive CRM, from planning to implementation and continuous management of sales pipelines. We train your salespeople to use Pipedrive in everyday life, or we act as a scaling partner for your sales by automating sales and customer management directly from Pipedrive

Sales and CRM strategy workshops

Licenses with a 10% discount on list prices

Implementations, trainings and integrations

Building reporting and dashboards

Automation of leads, sales pipelines and workflow

Norders - Pipedrive Elite Partner

Lehtimäki Tilausajot speeds up sales and improves the customer experience with Pipedrive CRM automations

Executive Hunt grows by developing multi-channel sales from Pipedrive CRM.

BeMaPro builds sales predictability with Pipedrive reports.

Norders Pipedrive partner

Pipedrive CRM plan

Mapping of features and extras

Automation and workflow design

The structure of the collected data of sales pipelines

Determination of reporting needs

Pipedrive plan

Designing a winning Pipedrive environment in a day.

500 €

Billed at once and implemented within a day.


Sales and CRM strategy

Implementation of Pipedrive CRM

User training

Reporting and automations

Pipedrive licenses -10% of list prices

Pipedrive deployment

Get the market's leading CRM fully operational in a couple of weeks.

5000 €

Billed in two installments and executed in two weeks.


New customer acquisition email campaigns

Generating a proposal pipeline

Pipedrive CRM strategy and implementation

Reporting, automation and sales control

2 Pipedrive Advanced licenses

Cold Email + Pipedrive

Systematizing sales and collecting data from the campaign.

10,500 € / 3 months

Billed monthly. Option for subsequent months.

Norders Revenue Creation

New customer acquisition campaigns

Pipedrive strategy and maintenance

Management of the entire sales pipeline

Blogs, photography and video production

Websites, social media and advertising

Read more

Revenue creation

Faster and more deals with sales and marketing automation

From 10,000 € / month

Ask about the commission model

Norders Pipedrive Client Executive Hunt

Pipedrive CRM, Wix websites, graphic design, photography

Norders Pipedrive Client Lehtimäki Tilausajot

Pipedrive CRM, Wordpress websites, graphic design, video production

Norders RevOps Agency - BeMaPro

Pipedrive CRM, Wix websites, graphic design, social media, content production, Google Ads

Pipedrive implementation

Why choose Norders for podcasts?

The purpose of podcasts, as part of the sales and marketing strategy, is to create predictable and scalable revenue growth for the company.

Norders understands the entire life cycle of effective podcasts, from agile planning to multi-channel editing and efficient digital distribution. We are well-versed in the production and editing of modern podcast formats, as well as the most popular podcast platforms from Spotify to YouTube.

Our agile operating model ensures that you don't overpay for podcast production, and our precise, results-oriented reporting ensures that the success of the podcast is measured with the right metrics.

Norders Pipedrive Demo

See how Norders utilizes Pipedrive and its sales-enhancing features.

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