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Bluetech Finland


Representative and easily updatable websites for global communication


Designing a brand suitable for various channels for the blueZERO service


Bluetech Finland






Marine Technology


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"Working with Norders has been easy, flexible, and inclusive. This is important because things happen quickly nowadays, and we receive immediate technical support and creative ideas for marketing tools from them. Things get done swiftly with Norders' team."

Joonas Heinonen, VP, Sales and Marketing, Bluetech Finland

Mitä Norders teki

What Norders did

Norders has been involved in designing, building, and managing Bluetech Finland's new website. The site was implemented using Wix Editor X technology to enable agile implementation and easy continuous updates. Bluetech Finland's new site was designed from the ground up to be search engine optimized, responsive on all devices, and fast worldwide.

Norders also created a recognizable yet unique new brand for Bluetech Finland's new service, blueZERO. Norders designed the brand and built its own visual identity. The end result of the blueZERO brand was summarized in a clear brand book and published on the website as its own section.

/// Wix Editor X Websites

/// Graphic Design and Brand Identity

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Nordersin asiakas
Nordersin asiakas
Nordersin asiakas
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