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Nothing Hill


Easily updatable website


High-quality identity appealing to different stakeholders


Nothing Hill


Kirkenes, Norway




Workplace & community services


Norders Client Logo

"Norders played a pivotal role in the creation story of Nothing Hill, crafting the brand's visual identity and a website that resonated with different target audiences. The Go-To-Market strategy devised by Norders at the outset laid the foundation for Nothing Hill's success story."

Ronny Eriksson, Partner, Nothing Hill

Mitä Norders teki

What Norders did

Nothing Hill is an old hospital in Northern Norway being developed into a Triple-E (Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship) campus. Located in Kirkenes amidst peace and nature, it aims to be a home away from home where individuals and organizations can thrive. Norders was involved in the creation story of Nothing Hill, building the visual brand identity for the new and modern concept offering workplace services, designing responsive and easily updatable Wix website, and devising a Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy to accelerate the company's growth.

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Nordersin asiakas
Nordersin asiakas
Nordersin asiakas
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